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The term for a particular class is based on when the class ends, not when it begins. For example, a course beginning in April and ending in July is a summer class, and you will find it in the summer schedule. Please check the current term plus the next term to determine all of your schedule options.


Course Schedule

Major: Business | Program: Human Resource Management Certificate | * C = Class Canceled *

NOTE: Spring 2024 classes will be available for enrollment in November 2023.

Spring 2024

Start DateEnd DateCRNDeptCourse TitleMtgsDaysHoursReg DeadlineFeeInstructor
02/06/202402/27/2024TBAHRX 901 01Establishing HR Systems4T18:30–21:3002/02/2024$317L Nespole
03/05/202403/26/2024TBAHRX 903 01Total Rewards4T18:30–21:3003/01/2024$317L Nespole
04/02/202404/23/2024TBAHRX 905 01Labor & Employment Law4T18:30–21:3003/29/2024$317L Nespole
04/30/202405/14/2024TBAHRX 907 01Communication Dynamics3T18:30–21:3004/26/2024$238L Nespole

Summer 2023

Start DateEnd DateCRNDeptCourse TitleMtgsDaysHoursReg DeadlineFeeInstructor
05/24/202306/14/202338259HRX 901 01Establishing HR Systems4W18:30–21:3005/20/2023$317G Perez
06/21/202307/12/202338260HRX 903 01Total Rewards4W18:30–21:3006/17/2023$317G Perez
07/19/202308/09/2023 38261HRX 905 01Labor & Employment Law4W18:30–21:3007/17/2023$317G Perez
08/16/202308/30/202338262HRX 907 01Communication Dynamics3W18:30–21:3008/14/2023$238

G Perez

Fall 2023

Start DateEnd DateCRNDeptCourse TitleMtgsDaysHoursReg DeadlineFeeInstructor
Wednesday Courses
08/30/202309/20/202345479HRX 901 01Establishing HR Systems4W18:30–21:3008/25/2023$317J Vigneau
09/27/202310/18/202345480HRX 903 01Total Rewards4W18:30–21:3009/25/2023$317J Vigneau
10/25/202311/15/202345481HRX 905 01Labor & Employment Law4W18:30–21:3010/23/2023$317J Vigneau
11/29/202312/13/202345482HRX 907 01Communication Dynamics3W18:30–21:3011/27/2023$238J Vigneau

* Schedule subject to change; consult with instructor for specific date details | Updated 9/22/2023

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Live Online Course Delivery

Note: All classes for this program are LIVE ONLINE. This instructor-led program utilizes our campus' Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), available directly as well as through our student portal, MyCSUDH. Live virtual class sessions are conducted at the day/time indicated in the program schedule. Attendance and participation via Zoom at all class sessions is required.

Be sure to get your password and instructions to access MyCSUDH and other CSUDH online resources when you register, and download/print materials for the first week prior to course start.

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A Note about CCPE Academic Terms

The term for a particular class is based on when the class ends, not when it begins. For example, a course beginning in April and ending in July is a summer class, and you will find it in the summer schedule. Please check the current term plus the next term to determine all of your schedule options.


Courses Descriptions

HRX 901 - Establishing Human Resource Systems

1.2 CEUs
Find and hire the right candidate. Build effective internal management systems to meet the personnel needs of the company, and to assist with the management of the Human Resource function. In this class, students will learn how to develop effective employment and management systems to provide for employee recruiting, hiring, tracking and communications. This class will furnish students with the tools and skills necessary to build an effective Human Resource management structure to support company operations.

HRX 903 - Total Rewards

1.2 CEUs
How do I build an entire compensation program for my company? What benefits are right for my company’s employees and how do I manage them? This class will develop the tools needed to accomplish these tasks through an intensive “hands-on” skills development approach. Students will build a compensation plan to be implemented under the parameters established by law and corporate policy. Students will also build a benefits tracking and measurements systems to take back to their workplaces.

HRX 905 - Labor and Employment Law

1.2 CEUs
Corporate and company success is more and more dependent on the ability of their organization to effectively manage its employees in an environment of dramatic change, increasing legal constraints, and workplace conflict. This class will examine the increasingly important role Human Resources plays in managing the workplace, and provide the student with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop personnel systems to effectively address the myriad of employee/management problems faced in today's workplace.

HRX 907 - Communication Dynamics

0.9 CEUs
Change that "No" to a "Yes" when meeting resistance. Learn to "speak the other person's language" to communicate more effectively. Avoid the pitfalls of group communications. Learn to listen actively. This highly participative class will provide the tools for better communication and understanding in the workplace, and in any other communication situation.

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The deadline to enroll for courses for most certificate programs is FOUR (4) BUSINESS DAYS or earlier before the class begins; please check the Course Schedule for the program to ensure that you can enroll on time.

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