Continuous Attendance; Time/Progress to Degree; GPA

Graduation Requirements

  1. A minimum of 30 semester units.
  2. An overall grade point average of 3.0 or better.
  3. All degree requirements must be met within a five year period. Course work must be completed while the student is in continuous attendance (see details on Continuous Attendance).
  4. Completion of the Graduate Writing Examination (GWE) with a score of 8 or better.
  5. Filing the Application for Graduation.
  6. Approval of the by both the HUX faculty committee and the CSUDH Office of Graduate Studies.

HUX 600: Continuous Attendance

A student with a graduate degree objective must maintain continuous attendance, defined as attendance in both Fall and Spring trimesters of each academic year, until the degree is awarded. Continuous Attendance need not be maintained in the Summer term. Students in the following categories must register for the HUX 600 course:

  • Students who DO NOT wish pursue course registration in the upcoming term must register for HUX 600 (or another HUX course).
  • Students who have completed all course work, but who may not have satisfactorily completed the Final Project (Thesis, or Creative Project). They are expected to maintain continuous attendance until completion of the degree. Students who have completed the maximum number of units required for Phases I and II of the degree, and have begun Final Projects but who need additional time to complete them, may maintain continuous attendance after completion of their course work requirement by enrolling in (1) additional HUX courses, or (2) in the graduate continuation course (HUX 600). Those students who need more time to complete their thesis or project may register up to four times for the HUX 600 course, as long as all program requirements, including the completion of the Final Project, are met within the required five-year period. The original "RP" from the HUX 599 course stays on the academic record until the Final Project is completed and a final grade is turned in to the Records Office (must be within 2 years).

The HUX 600 course is not graded, and the cost to register for the course is $150. You may only take HUX 600 up to four times. If you have questions regarding your continuous attendance status, please contact our office.