Why HUX?

Master of Arts in the Humanities Online

Why pursue your master's degree online in Humanities with CSUDH?

CSUDH established the Master of Arts in Humanities (HUX) Correspondence Program in 1974. Its combination of subject-matter breadth and affordability helped it become one of the post popular and accessible humanities-based graduate degrees in the United States. Over the next 43 years, the HUX program educated more than 5,700 students, and its graduates include professors, authors, journalists, composers, filmmakers and professionals in all 50 states and more than 60 countries around the globe.

In addition, the combination of affordability and accessibility made HUX especially attractive to incarcerated students. Hundreds of confined learners have attended the program over the past 40 years, and as a result, HUX has earned a national reputation for its commitment to both high-quality education and social justice. Many HUX graduates have credited the program with their own personal reformation and development.

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Quality Program

Our professors are among the best in the world. They are accomplished teachers and scholars who want to see their students learn and grow, and who use a variety of contemporary approaches to fulfill that task. Because they are active in their professions and in their areas of research, they bring a wealth of knowledge of the current state of research and of their fields to their courses. Students will see this quality in the design of HUX courses, in the depth of knowledge and experience the faculty bring to instruction, as well as in one-on-one interactions.

A core mission of HUX is to make humanities-based skills explicit and coach students in how to identify and articulate why critical thinking, information literacy, persuasive writing, and related proficiencies are directly applicable to specific kinds of work. HUX specializes in teaching these and other essential twenty-first century skills, and our graduates will be extraordinarily well-equipped to re-enter the labor force upon release.

As part of CSUDH, the HUX program is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, the top regional accreditation agency. Graduates can move into the workplace confident that their degree is valued and respected.

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Reasonable Cost

Priced at $350 per unit, the total cost for an M.A. degree earned in the HUX program is under $12,000—considerably less than tuition at competing colleges.

The Humanities and Humans

What does it mean to be human? That is the basic question of the humanities. Through its disciplines we seek to articulate and express—in sound, image, and word—the most important concerns of human existence: who we are, how we should live, what we love, how we got here, and where we are going. These are not frivolous questions. Rather, they lie at the heart of all that we do as individuals and in our various social and cultural contexts. These questions are as vital now as they ever were, which is why the humanities are likewise vital. The humanities stress that training in and through art, literature, music, philosophy and history is a fundamental component of living deeply, expansively, and happily. Moreover, this training is the key to developing ethical and socially responsible relationships to the world, other people, and ourselves. In this way, the humanities hold that imagination, reason, and creativity reside in the very center of all modern questions and considerations, not as supplements to social and political concerns but as critical modes of thought that can and do inform all aspects of meaningful human life.

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