About OLLI

OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at CSUDH

About Lifelong Learning at CSUDH


You can become an OLLI member for only $30 per year. A summary of membership benefits and course offerings begins below. To become a member, see the Membership Application page in the printed OLLI catalog, or visit OLLI Membership and Registration Information.

Meeting Times
Dates and times for courses are listed with course descriptions in this schedule.

Fees/Special Charges
Payment of the membership fees entitles participation in the OLLI-CSUDH program. Some activities, however, have special expenses which are passed on to participants at the lowest possible cost. These include computer courses and instructor-led classes. A Course Registration form appears at the end of this schedule, and payment is required when reservations are made. Note that the Osher Lecture series, which is offered each fall and spring, requires registration even though the course is free of charge to members.


Courses may vary in price, time of class, and number of meetings. Nominal prices are charged for classes to compensate instructors for transportation and parking expenses incurred.

Discussion Groups
Facilitated discussion group are conducted, often in conjunction with a video or film. We are always looking for member-volunteers, such as retired teachers, to help facilitate group discussions.

Educational Lunch Series
Eating with other OLLI-CSUDH members is a good way to get acquainted. Join the many lunch time meetings that have been scheduled on campus throughout the year.

Open Houses
Do you know someone who wants to find out about lifelong learning? Bring a friend to an Open House that we offer each semester.

General Meetings
Come to our General Meetings each semester. These meetings are open to all OLLI members. The purpose varies from conducting business to providing an opportunity for expression of opinions and suggestions about our organization.

OLLI@CSUDH Office and Staff
The OLLI CSUDH office is in the Administration Building in the College of Continuing and Professional Education building complex. It is open from 9am to 2pm. Campus holidays are observed. 

Refund Policy
Course fees paid cannot be refunded, and cannot be applied to membership fees. Membership fees cannot be credited or refunded.

We accept checks (make payable to CSUDH), VISA, Discover or Mastercard. When paying by check, payment of membership fee and course registration fees must be submitted on separate checks.