OSX 995 • Advanced Industrial Hygiene

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OSX 995 • Advanced Industrial Hygiene

Course Description

This course prepares the individual to understand the fundamental principles and concepts of recognition, evaluation, and control of physical, chemical, and biological health hazards arising in, or from the occupational environment. Students will be able to use these concepts in an occupational environment for the purpose of accident prevention and hazard identification and/or control in an industrial setting.

The course studies quantitative methods of occupational hazard’s evaluation and control based on OSHA required calculations of TLVs limiting exposure to toxic substances, exhaust and general ventilation, industrial noise, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, etc.

This course will assist in preparing for ASP/CSP exam, given that Board of Certified Safety Professionals requirements include aspects of industrial hygiene.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify terms used in Industrial Hygiene
  2. Identify categories of TLVs, PELs, PPM, PPB and BEIs
  3. Describe the physiological reactions to airborne particulate exposure and hazards
  4. Conduct air sampling and direct reading monitoring equipment
  5. Describe physics of sound and quantities/units associated with sound
  6. Recognize components and design of local exhaust and dilution ventilation
  7. Identify exposure hazards associated with temperature extremes
  8. Identify respiratory system, skin, skin function, occupational dermatitis
  9. Use mathematical formulas related to pressure, gas, vapor, sound, and temperature

CEUs: 2.2
Prerequisites: None
Course Length: 3 Days
Recommended Materials: Pen, pencil, highlighter and writing pad