Certificate Programs

Advanced Safety & Health Certificate

Advanced Safety & Health

The Advance Safety and Health certificate is designed for individuals looking to enter the field of occupational safety and health and for whom a professional certificate contributes to career advancement and professional recognition. The program focuses on employee rights, employer’s responsibility, and hazard recognition with regard to occupational safety and health.

Certified Safety and Health Official Certificate

Certified Safety & Health Official

The Certified Safety & Health Official certificate program focuses on the responsibilities of a Safety Professional and reviews extensively both federal and state occupational safety and health standards a Safety Professionals needs to be familiar with. The program covers employee’s rights, employer’s responsibilities and hazard recognition with regards to occupational safety and health.

Occupational Safety and Health Manager Certificate

Occupational Safety & Health Manager

The Occupational Safety and Heath for Managers and Supervisors certificate provides a defined path for individuals who are responsible for the overall safety of a company or institution, and who are responsible for the administrative and legal aspect of safety. This program allows the student to gain the knowledge and skills needed to supervise other safety professional, manage risk, and manage potential OSHA cases. Typically these individuals are Directors, Managers and Supervisors and Human Resources representatives.

Healthcare Safety Technician Certificate

Healthcare Safety Technician

The Healthcare Safety Technician certificate is designed for professionals in the healthcare environment who are responsible for the safety of patients, employees, and visitors. This certificate of completion program will provide a solid foundation to assist in facilitating institutional compliance with OSHA regulations and meeting The Joint Commission (TJC) standards as they relate to the environment of care. Course content will specifically address conducting risk assessments, the Hospital Incident Command System (HICS), NFPA’s Life Safety Code®, and The Joint Commission’s Statement of Conditions™.

Refinery Safety Technician Certificate

Refinery Safety Technician

The Refinery Safety Technician certificate program consists of nine courses offered for CEU credit and is focused on the responsibilities of a safety technician in the refinery setting. Participants will be prepared with a solid foundation to assist refinery safety managers in facilitating OSHA regulations and meeting performance expectations of employers.

Hospitality Health and Safety Manager

Hospitality Health & Safety Manager

The Hospitality Health & Safety Manager certificate program consists of thirteen courses offered for CEU credit and is focused on the duties and responsibilities of a safety manager in the hospitality industry. Participants will be prepared with a solid foundation to manage and facilitate OSHA regulations and meet performance expectations of employers.

Certificate Program: Public Sector Safety & Health Fundamentals

Safety & Health Fundamentals

The certificate program in Safety & Health Fundamentals supports OSHA’s mission by training public sector employees in occupational safety and health to reduce incident rates for workers in state and local governments. Participants have the opportunity to earn certificates for Construction and General Industry training.