Outreach Trainer Information

Procedures for Submitting Outreach Training Report

Step 1:

Review the New Trainer Portal Demonstration to understand how the process works

Step 2:

Follow the link to the new trainer portal and created an account: https://outreach.csudhosha.com

Step 3:

Register by uploading an image of the original trainer card and adding profile information. Once the information submitted has been validated, and email confirmation will be sent to the trainer with within 48 hours.

Replacement Cards

Request for Student Replacement Card must be submitted using the new trainer portal: https://outreach.csudhosha.com.

Student Replacement Card — $25

Request for Trainer Replacement Cards must be submitted to oshacards@csudh.edu using the Trainer Replacement Card form.

Trainer Replacement Card — $25

Outreach Training Program Procedures

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Program Requirements

Industry Specific-Program Procedures

Outreach Training Report Forms

New Training Materials

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