OSX 974b • Managing Safety Performance In Refineries

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OSX 974b • Managing Safety Performance In Refineries

Course Description

This course covers safety plans and field auditing of safe work practices in refineries and introduces the concepts of behavioral based safety and human performance as they relate to incident prevention.

This course offers information on the development and execution of safety plans in refinery project and maintenance work. It also covers how to conduct safety inspections and audit safe work practice performance, how to evaluate and analyze audit and observation data, and techniques for presenting audit findings to management and the workforce. This course also introduces the concepts of behavioral safety programs and employee performance as they relate to the prevention of safety incidents in a refinery environment. The class discusses how to assess competency in safety and how to coach the worker and supervisor. The course also covers the safety professional’s role in helping to manage injury incidents, from gathering important initial field data to assisting supervisors in communicating appropriate information and complying with OSHA requirements and managing site health and safety records.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Describe the concepts of behavioral safety and employee performance as they apply to measuring and improving safety in a setting such as an oil refinery
  2. Identify the contents of a basic safety plan for construction and maintenance work in an oil refinery and how a plan is implemented
  3. Explain how safety professionals assess organizational competency and coach safety performance in workers and supervisors
  4. Discuss types and purposes of various audits (e.g. safe work practices) and how to perform them in an oil refinery setting
  5. Describe how to conduct and document basic field safety inspections and safe work practice audits
  6. Understand how data from incidents, audits and observations are evaluated to improve safety
  7. Describe how to manage incidents and injuries
  8. Describe the characteristics of an effective safety professional

CEUs: 0.8
Prerequisites: None
Course Length: 1 day
Recommended Materials: Pen, pencil, highlighter and writing pad