Denied Admission

Undergraduate Admissions Appeals

CSUDH reviews each applicant’s record thoroughly during the admissions process. The admission decision is based on objective data: each applicant's self-reported academic qualifications on the application for admission official transcripts, and test scores (AP, IB or CLEP). Denials can occur based on self-reported information or after the submission of official transcripts, and/or test scores (AP, IB or CLEP).

If you believe you met the admission requirements based on your self-reported academic information on your admissions application or believe you were denied admission in error, you may appeal the admission decision.

Before submitting an admissions appeal review the admissions criteria by clicking on the appropriate link below:


Reasons to Submit an Undergraduate Admissions Appeal
  • You missed the deadline for transcripts, documents, and/or test scores.
  • You missed the Intent to Enroll Deposit deadline.
  • You are requesting for a re-evaluation of the admission decision. Please note, if transcripts have not been submitted, they must be sent to the Office of Admissions electronically. 
What to Include in the Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Packet

Per Assembly Bill 670, Section 89030.7, you are allowed one appeal per academic term and must be submitted within fifteen days of receipt of the denied admission email. 

All appeals should include the following:

  • Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Request & Cover Sheet (mandatory)
  • Appeal statement explaining the reason for the appeal (mandatory)
  • Recent transcript(s) from all institutions attended (mandatory)
  • General education (GE) certification (if applicable)
  • Test scores or exam credit (if applicable)
  • Documentation supporting the appeal statement such as medical records, letter from a counselor, legal documentation etc. (if applicable)

The following applies to all appeals:

    • Letters of recommendation will not be considered.
    • Only one appeal may be submitted per semester, appeal decisions are final.
    • All documents submitted as part of the appeal packet will not be returned to the applicant.
    • Applicants not in good standing at their last institution attended are ineligible to appeal.
    • Failure to routinely review your MyCSUDH student portal, read email message sent by the University, or adhere to deadlines are not likely to be viewed by the Admissions Appeal Committee as being extenuating reasons to grant your appeal.

For the appeal committee to render an appropriate decision, the appeal packet must be complete. Incomplete packets will NOT be considered or returned; they will be denied and cannot be resubmitted. All decisions by the Appeals Committee are final and non-negotiable.

How to Submit the Undergraduate Admissions Appeal

Submit your complete Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Packet to the Admissions Appeal Dropbox by clicking on the button below:

Graduate Appeals

Graduate students who have questions regarding their admissions decision should reach out to their Graduate Studies Department.

Missed Application Appeals

Currently, we are no longer accepting appeals for late applications. This type of appeal must be submitted within 30 days of the application filing period closing. We encourage you to apply during the next available term.

Undergraduate Admissions Appeal Decision

All appeal decisions will be made as space becomes available and will be reflected on your Campus Account at will receive a response within 7-14 business days after all appeal documents have been received. Appeal decisions will be communicated to you via the email account on your admission application. Please make sure you check all spam or junk folders to ensure you do not miss this email.

If the appeal is approved, you are responsible for meeting all deadlines and other obligations that pertain to the desired admission term. An appeal is only considered once, and the decision rendered is final. If any deadlines are missed or the admission requirements are not met, keep in mind that an additional appeal cannot be submitted for the same academic term.