Transfer Success Pathway (TSP)

Transfer Success Pathway is a program that provides a dual admission opportunity for eligible first-time, first-year students enrolling in California Community Colleges who commit to transferring to a California State University (CSU) within three years. The program is designed to increase access to the CSU for students who have faced academic, financial, or personal hardships that previously prevented them from attending.

TSP Student Eligibility
  • Graduated high school during the 2022-2023 year.
    • If graduated in Fall 2022, has not completed college courses after graduating high school.
  • First-time freshman that either:
    • Wasn't CSU eligible at the time of their high school graduation or
    • Didn't attend a CSU due to personal or financial reasons.
Benefits of TSP
  • Personal Advising
  • Access to CSUDH Events
  • Guaranteed Admissions to CSUDH
  • Access to the CSU Transfer Planner Portal
  • Cross Enrollment with CSUDH (Optional)
TSP Agreement

TSP applicants can attend multiple community colleges; however, a student can only apply to one program and have one TSP agreement.

If a student decides to change to another campus or program in the future, they must submit a request for release and allow time for the campus to review. Students can request to cancel their agreement at any time. However, the ability to select another campus or major is only during their enrollment period between August 1 and September 30th.

If a student requests to be released from their original agreement, they can elect to do an agreement with another campus or program provided it is within the filing period for an agreement. If a student is deemed to be ineligible for the TSP program by any campus, they will not be able to enter into any agreement with any other CSU campus and those students will not be able to utilize CSU Transfer Planner.

Program Application

To join the program, students will be able to enroll in TSP program between August 1 and September 30, 2023. Students will submit their application through the CSU Transfer Planner Student Portal.

Interested in learning more about our Transfer Success Pathways program or have questions, email