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 BS in Organizational Leadership Schedules

Schedule: 2023-2024

► OLS Term Calendar: Three Sessions per Year

If you are an Organizational Leadership admitted student, contact your program advisor for permission numbers to take classes.

If you are not yet an admitted student, you can still take classes! Contact orgleadership@csudh.edu or 310-243-3646. To register for a class, call 310-243-3741 (Option 1) or log in at my.csudh.edu.

Fall 2023 OLS Schedule

ENG 352Writing and Speaking Skills for Management8/28–12/10/2023
IDS 318Immigration in the US8/28–11/17/2023
MGT 416Leadership8/28–12/10/2023
HRM 313Human Resource Management8/28–12/10/2023
OLS 300Ethos of the Liberal Arts and the Role of Work8/28–12/10/2023
OLS 490Seminar in Occupational Leadership8/28–12/10/2023
PUB 307Public Sector Ethics8/28–12/10/2023
SOC 315Sociology of Work8/28–12/10/2023

Spring 2024 Schedule

OLS 300.55Ethos Liberal Arts & Role of Work1/22-5/5/2024
OLS 490.55Seminar in Occupational Leadership1/22-5/5/2024
BUS 300.55Business Communications1/22-5/5/2024
COM 435.55Media Psychology1/22-5/5/2024
MKT 350.55Principles of Marketing1/22-5/5/2024
PUB 300.55Foundations of Public Administration1/22-5/5/2024
COM 350.55Culture, Gender and Strategic Communication1/22-5/5/2024
PUB 451.55Managing a Nonprofit1/22-5/5/2024
CHS 340.55Native American and Chicana Women's Narrative1/22-5/5/2024
ENG 350.55Advanced Composition1/22-5/5/2024

Summer 2024 Schedule

POL 310.55Current Issues in American Government5/13-8/25/2024
MGT 310.55Management Theory5/13-8/25/2024
LAW 340.55Law of Business Organizations5/13-8/25/2024
PSY 372.55Industrial and Organizational Psychology5/13-8/25/2024
HRM 316.55Labor and Industrial Relations5/13-8/25/2024
HIS 348.55Labor in American Society5/13-8/25/2024
SMT 312.55Natural Disasters5/13-8/25/2024

Fall 2024 Schedule

PUB 301.55Administrative Behavior and Leadership9/3-12/15/2024
OLS 300.55Ethos of the Liberal Arts and the Role of Work9/3-12/15/2024
OLS 490.55Seminar in Occupational Leadership9/3-12/15/2024
COM 365.55Intro to Public Relations9/3-12/15/2024
SOC 315.55Sociology of Work9/3-12/15/2024
MGT 416.55Leadership9/3-12/15/2024
MGT 430.55Strategic Communications9/3-12/15/2024
COM 250.55Writing for the Media9/3-12/15/2024
ENG 352.55Writing and Speaking Skills for Management9/3-12/15/2024
IDS 318.55Cultural Pluralism9/3-12/15/2024
NCR 391.55 Restorative Justice9/3-12/15/2024
* Schedule subject to change | Updated 10/24/2023

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OLS Textbooks | Fall 2023 

Please check the textbooks information from the bookstore below:

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Course — SectionsFacultyTextbooks/Materials
HRM 313Prof. A. Costley
  • Do Not Purchase: Materials will be provided digitally to all enrolled students through Canvas and will be billed on your myCSUDH Portal account later in the semester. See faculty for more details. Section Note: DH IMMEDIATE ACCESS
MGT 416Dr. T. Bush
  • Leadership, Edition: 9th, ISBN: 9781544397566, Author: Northouse, Publisher: Sage Publications, Incorporated, Copyright Year: 2021
OLS 300Dr. T. Bush
  • Whole New MindISBN: 9781594481710, Author: Pink, Publisher: Riverhead Trade, Copyright Year: 2006
  • 21st Century Ethical Toolbox, Edition: 4th, ISBN: 9780190621155, Author: Weston, Publisher: Oxford University Press, Copyright Year: 2017
OLS 490Dr. T. Bush
  • Good to Great, ISBN: 9780066620992, Author: Collins, Publisher: Harper Collins Publishers, Copyright Year: 2001
  • Designing Your Life, ISBN: 9781101875322, Author: Burnett, Publisher: Penguin Random House LLC, Copyright Year: 2016
  • Strengths Finder 2.0 (w/Access Code), ISBN: 9781595620156, Author: Rath, Publisher: Gallup Press, Copyright Year: 2007
  • World Is Flat (Upd & Exp Rel 3.0), ISBN: 9780312425074, Author: Friedman, Publisher: Farrar, Straus & Giroux, Copyright Year: 2007
PUB 307Prof. I. Coyle
  • Practical Ethics in Public Administration, Third Edition
    ISBN: 1567262953
SOC 315Dr. S. Shakib 
  • Vallas, Steven P., William Finlay, and Amy S. Wharton.  2009.  The Sociology of Work:  Structures and Inequalities.  Oxford University Press:  New York
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