Enroll in Sociology

Enroll in Sociology 302A/502A

Course Description:

Sociology 302A: Workshop in research methods and theory applied to actual research projects culminating in public reports.
Sociology 502A: Practicum in theory and research culminating in preparation of a public report. Entire experience is based on professional research projects. Student is expected to assume some supervisory responsibility. 

Student Engagement Expectation:

CSUDH expects students to be engaged in the learning process. Engaged students are motivated, prepared for class, interact inside and outside of class with other students and faculty, and take responsibility for their own learning.

Course Prerequisite:

Approval of instructor. Completion of the following courses is recommended: SOC 220, SOC 305, and SOC 355.

Course Description and Learning Outcomes:

This course involves the application of sociological research methods to a number of research projects. During this course:

  1. Students will learn about more complex rules and regulations covering the conduct of sociological research in a university setting.
  2. Students will learn how theory, ideas, and ideology impact the formulation of research questions and the selection of research designs and methods.
  3. Students will learn practical research skills.
  4. Students will learn how to work in a collaborative manner with research participants, team members, and faculty on my advanced and complex projects.
  5. Students will learn how to lead small teams of research collaborators.

Course Organization and Requirement:

This class provides students with an opportunity to participate in a number of research projects. In this course, we will explore topics such as Research Design, Measurement, Survey Research, Qualitative Research, and Quantitative Analysis. Students should complete assigned reading before coming to class and be prepared to respond to the Professor’s questions in class. Computer skills such as word processing, SPSS, NVivo programs will be helpful.

Research lab activities: Students will be required to complete 66 hours of work in the Urban Community Research Center (UCRC) Laboratory or on research project activities in field settings with their faculty mentors. These activities will include literature reviews, data entry, respondent interviewing, data analysis, writing, presentation of data, and other research activities on UCRC or faculty specific projects.