Fang Wang

Fang Wang

Associate Professor

B.S. Fudan University
Ph.D. Fudan University
(co-education program with University of Colorado at Boulder)
Postdoc UCLA

Office SCI 213
Tel (310) 243-1091

Research Interest

My main research interest is understanding the molecular mechanisms that regulate development of touch-sensing (somatosensory) neurons and their responses to environmental changes. Peripheral axons of somatosensory neurons innervate skin early in development and detect mechanical, thermal, and chemical stimuli. This process is crucial for animals to sense their environment and respond appropriately. Genetic defects in somatosensory neuron development can cause peripheral neuropathies; injuries and damage later in life (e.g., consequences of diabetes) also cause peripheral neuropathy. I use zebrafish in my research, as their somatosensory neurons possess elaborate peripheral axons that innervate the skin by two days post fertilization, they are externally fertilized, and develop rapidly as transparent embryos, permitting easy access and imaging. In addition, numerous genetic, molecular, and cellular tools are readily available for zebrafish, enabling functional manipulation.


BIO 314 Developmental Biology
BIO 315 Developmental Biology Lab
BIO 340 Genetics
BIO 590 Graduate Seminar

Additional Information

Coordinator, Biology Master of Science Program