Karin Kram

Karin Kram

Associate Professor

B.A. Bard College
Ph.D. Columbia University
Postdoc University of Southern California

Office SCI 211
Tel (310) 243-1090
Email kkram@csudh.edu

Research Interest

My studies are aimed at understanding the evolution of bacteria in laboratory conditions. Escherichia coli can grow in the laboratory for years without the addition of nutrients, in a phase of growth called long-term stationary phase (LTSP). Under this condition, there is strong selection for mutations and changes in gene expression that enable the bacterial cells to survive and reproduce. The genomes of the cells that survive LTSP can be sequenced and analyzed for mutations that allow cells to adapt to LTSP. I have shown that culture vessel, culture volume, and media type affect growth and survival in LTSP, and have shown that there are specific mutations that arise in these conditions. Genes that are identified through sequencing and expression analysis can be assayed for fitness advantages by constructing mutations and competing mutant strains against wild-type cells. The ultimate goal of my work is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying evolution.


BIO 121 Principles of Biology I Lab
BIO 324 Microbiology
BIO 590 Graduate Seminar