Kathryn Theiss

Kathryn Theiss

Assistant Professor

B.A. Willamette University
Ph.D. University of Connecticut
Postdoc Willamette University

Office SCI 212
Tel (310) 243-3408
Email ktheiss@csudh.edu

Research Interest

I am fascinated by the evolution of plant reproduction and how reproductive strategies mitigate or aggravate conservation issues, especially global climate change. I combine field, molecular, and greenhouse studies of both rare and common species to explore these topics.

My previous research includes pollination in milkweeds (Asclepias) in the mid-western US, demographic modeling of a rare orchid (Erasanthe henrici) in Madagascar, and evaluating species boundaries in camas lilies (Camassia) in the Pacific Northwest. Going forward I will continue to evaluate breeding system patterns in desert evening primroses (Oenothera).


BIO 124 Principles of Biology III
BIO 495 Selected Topics in Biology (Botany)