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Mohammad currently serves as a professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills. He received the Ph.D. in Computer Science/Engineering Mathematics from Claremont Graduate School in Claremont, California, Master of Science Degree in Mathematics from Claremont Graduate School, Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern California, and Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Yarmouk University - Jordan. He has been serving as professor at different institutions international and domestic. The institutions where he has taught courses in Computer Science, Computer Information Systems, Information Technology, and Mathematics provide graduate and undergraduate degree. His working experience ranges from Software Designer and Developer to Business Consultant. As a researcher, he has been a collaborator for organizing several research activities including professional research conferences. His research interests include multimedia software security, watermarking algorithms for images and video data, software engineering and software reliability models, systems performance evaluation, education and information technology, and web accessibility.


Courses Taught at CSUDH

CIS 270, Information Systems &Technology Fundamentals

CIS 272, Business Programming I

CIS 275, Network-based Applications in Business

CIS 370, Information Systems Theory and Practice

CIS 371, Business Programming II

CIS 378, Information Security Theories and Practice

CIS 471, Advanced Network-based Applications in Business

CIS 473, Database Systems

CIS 474, Project Management Fundamentals

CIS 478, Firewall and Computer Network Security

CIS 482, Databases and Web Security

CIS 488, Management of Information Security

CIS 494s, Independent Study in Information Systems

CIS 496, Internship in Computer Information Systems

CIS 502, Advanced Topics in Information Systems

CIS 560, Advance Management of Information Security

CSC 121, Introduction to Computer Science and Programming I

MAT 281, Discrete Mathematics

CSC 311, Data Structures

CSC 321, Programming Languages

CSC 331, Computer Organization

CSC 341, Operating Systems

CSC 471, Compiler Construction  


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