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Dr. Prakash L Dheeriya joined California State University Dominguez Hills in fall of 1991, and has been teaching courses in finance, accounting, statistics and International Business.

In addition to his duties as a professor, he consults with local small businesses and advises high net worth individuals on investment and financial strategies. He is a frequent speaker on the topics of Block chain, Alternative Investments and thematic investments at conferences, chambers of commerce and rotary clubs. He is a recipient of several research awards, has over 30 refereed publications to his credit, and is the technical consultant to Indian Medical Association of Greater Los Angeles. His research encompasses current trends in international stock markets, exchange rates, thematic investments, Artificial Intelligence, bitcoin, alternative investments and financial markets in general. He contributes frequently as an expert on Wallet hub. Professor Prakash ardently believes in children’s financial literacy, and has published 20 books in a series “Finance for Kidz” (available at and 15 books in the series "Law for Kidz" (available at  These books have been translated in 10 languages and are available in over 50 countries. In order to help parents and children alike learn about stock market investments, Dr Prakash recently created an index “KIDZ” and this index was published in May 2019 issue of Journal of Wealth Management
(available at ). D.r Prakash’s future interests lie in the applications of artificial intelligence and block chain technology in various areas of finance.

While not working, Dr. Prakash takes care of his two teenage boys, Kapil and Vikesh, and his two dogs. In his spare time, he dreams of finishing his science-fiction/love story trilogy, and of how much he can get for selling movie rights to his novel.


Courses Taught at CSUDH

BUS 445, International Business

FIN 360, Business Finance

FIN 488, Multinatl Financial Trans


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