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Rida Elias joined CSUDH in August 2023 as an assistant professor of management and strategy. Her current research focuses on corporate governance, CEO succession, CEO identity construction, leadership, sensemaking, change management, CEO power acquisition, and learning. The overarching goal of her work is to help advance theories related to leadership, power, and strategy as well as help organizations and their boards improve their practices based on findings from her research. She published her research in journals such as the Leadership Quarterly, The Journal of International Business Studies, Corporate Governance: An International Review, Management Research Review, and Journal of Strategy and Management.

Rida is currently a member at large at the executive committee of the MC division of the Academy of Management. She has been involved with the MC Division executive committee since 2018 in multiple projects. In 2023, she chaired the doctoral consortium of the division.

Rida did her PhD in general management and strategy at the Ivey Business School at Western University. She received her MBA from the American University of Beirut with full assistantship and obtained her BBA with honor from the University of Balamand.

Before joining the PhD program at Ivey, Rida worked for more than 12 years as a management consultant in the Middle East area. She developed and delivered more than 100 training modules on strategy, corporate governance, leadership development, motivation, communication skills, problem solving skills, change management, and team working strategies; performance appraisal; customer care; sales & marketing; and many others for major organizations in the area.


Courses Taught at CSUDH

MGT 412-01, Small Business Management 

MGT 490-01, Strategic Management Seminar 

MGT 490-02, Strategic Management Seminar 



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