Supply Chain Management Club

About Us:

The mission of the Supply Chain Management Club is to provide the fundamental tools and resources to educate and establish networking opportunities to students within business.

Our Purpose:

Our purpose is to empower our members to lead, grow, and prosper within any industry.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to become an “out of many, one” club which provides intuitive information that generates innovative ideas to create business leaders of tomorrow.


SCMC Motto
“We Build Industrial Athletes”

We strive to build “Industrial Athletes,” so we can establish competitive professionals to meet industry and organizational demand.

Contact Info:

(Professor) Advisor: Keong Leong /
(Professor) Co-Advisor: Jian Ke Fisher /
(CBAPP Advisor) Co-Advisor: Daryl Evans /
For more information, please contact our Advisors.

Our Presidents and Vice President:

Past President and Co-Founder: Brian Molina
Past VP / President: Jenny Roque
Past VP / President: Pricilla Becerra

Organizations Affiliated with SCMC:

Council of Supply Chain Management (CSCMP)
Institute of Supply Chain Management (ISM), Los Angeles Chapter

Events Attended:

• American Apparel Tour, 2014
• Annual Global Conference, San Antonio Texas, 2014
• Dodger Stadium Supply Chain Tour, 2014
• Kroger Campus Supply Chain and Sustainability Tour, 2014
• Santa Anita Derby Tour, 2014
• Seventh Annual Lean Leadership Symposium and Summit, 2014
• SoCal CSCMP Golf Tournament, 2014
• Supply Chain 2030 Educational Event, 2014
• SoCal CSCMP Mckesson Distribution Warehouse Tour, 2015
• CSCMP Annual Global Conference, San Diego CA 2015
• Evergreen Boat Tour, 2015
• Port Tech, 2015
• Logistics and Transportation of North America (LTNA) Conference, Las Vegas NV, 2016
• Socal CSCMP USC tour, 2016
• Socal Hyperloom Tour, 2016