How to Begin

  1. Apply For Admissions Online at Cal State Apply. Simply use this free website and locate California State University Dominguez Hills. Consult the site for posted deadlines for fall and spring semester admission.
  2. The Program is available as either a BS degree or a Post Baccalaureate Certificate for applicants with a relevant degree in the natural or clinical sciences. The program consists of two clinical options: Medical Technology (CLS/MLS) and Cytotechnology. Each clinical option provides didactic coursework in clinical and natural sciences and offers the opportunity to apply for clinical internships at the Program’s affiliated clinical laboratories approved by the California State Department of Public Health, Laboratory Field Services. If you have a BS degree in a related academic field to Clinical Science, e.g. biology, microbiology or chemistry and a GPA of greater than 2.7 in your last 60 units and a B average (3.0) in the core biology and chemistry courses, you are eligible to apply for admission to the PB Certificate. Use the graduate application on the Cal State Apply and the Post Baccalaureate Certificate Medical Technology or Cytotechnology. If you are seeking a BS degree, use the undergraduate application. The 1 year clinical internship component of the program requires a separate application after you have been admitted. Admission to the University does not guarantee a clinical internship placement. In most cases, completion of the pre-clinical course and clinical internship requires a 2 year commitment at minimum. Please refer to the University’s web site for fee structure.
  3. An official transcript is required from each college or university attended. Send transcripts directly to Admissions and Records, NOT to the Clinical Science department. Transcripts should be ordered at least 4 weeks prior to the respective deadline date, and it is strongly suggested that prior schools send all transcripts directly to you in order to be forwarded to CSUDH Admissions and Records office directly. Transcripts are “official” as long as they are not opened. An evaluation by an approved foreign transcript agency is required for course work and degree equivalency obtained outside the USA.
  4. All PB applicants whose native language is not English and whose preparatory education was principally in a language other than English must demonstrate competence in English. A minimum score of 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or 80 or above on the Internet-based (iBT) TOEFL is required. The Department will not provide a waiver for TOEFL.

Supplemental Admission Criteria and Policies for Clinical Internships

Admission to the Clinical Science internship is restricted to students admitted to the University and enrolled in the pre-clinical component of the major in either the BS degree or Post Baccalaureate Certificate. Admission to the University does not constitute automatic placement to the clinical internship. The clinical application is available in the Department.

Clinical Application Dates

Clinical OptionApplication DatesClass
CytotechnologyMarch 1 - 31August Class
Medical TechnologyOctober 1 - 31July Class

For all clinical training internships, i.e. Cytotechnology and Medical Technology, Supplemental Admission Criteria apply.

Because clinical facilities in each of the options have a limited number of positions, a limited number of students are admitted to a given option. In addition, clinical positions may not be available to International student visa holders or students not proficient in English. For any clinical class there may be more qualified applicants than can be accommodated, thereby designating the program as "impacted." From among the applicants for a Clinical Option, the Committee for Clinical Laboratory Experience (CCLE) will determine those applicants who are accepted to the clinical internship on the basis of the following Supplemental Admission Criteria.

Supplemental Admission Criteria

  1. Academic success as reflected by:
    1. Grade point average in required "pre-clinical course work" (minimum 3.00 on a 4.00 scale).
    2. Desirable "pattern" of academic performance (i.e., consistency and/or improvement);
    3. Completion of the General Education Requirements.
  2. Evaluation by the Committee for Clinical Laboratory Experience of the student's potential to succeed in the program and the profession (appearance, attitude, interest, enthusiasm, poise, motivation, expectations, career planning, maturity, social understanding and involvement, flexibility, and stability).
  3. Physical, professional and emotional fitness for the demands of the job as verified by a physician and three letters of recommendation. At least one of these letters should validate relevant work experience and/or knowledge of the field. Accordingly, it is recommended that one be from an employer and the others from faculty teaching academic and/or pre-clinical course work at CSU Dominguez Hills or other colleges and universities. Recommendations should address recent activities.
  4. Completion of two semesters in residence at CSUDH prior to beginning the clinical training.
  5. Clarity of expression (oral and written) and relevant extracurricular activity (e.g. active member or officer of a social club, Science Society, etc.) as revealed by an extemporaneous essay and in the application form.
  6. Have no felony convictions. Background check is required by clinical affiliates.
  7. Other factors that will be considered, but which will not guarantee selection: prior qualified application, efforts to seek psycho-social balance in the program, and veteran status.
  8. After 3 unsuccessful attempts, the applicant will no longer be eligible for the internship.