CHP Revisions & Updates

Annual Review

Welcome to the revisions & updates webpage for the CSUDH Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). Below, you will find the changes that have been made to the plan by the EHS office. If no updates or revisions are made to the policy for an annual review, then the word "REVIEWED" will just be reflected for that that particular year.  

Revision or UpdatePage #
Updated staff contact information4
New Security Protocol for Research Labs & Stockroom 37
New Transportation Polices 52,60
Table of Content Pages Beginning of CHP
Location of CHP online 4
Updated Hazardous Waste Label 18
Revision or UpdatePage #
Updated location of CHP online4
Referenced the new "Working Alone or Independently Lab Policy"9
Removed Nanomaterial section22
Updated "Restricted Purchases" Procurement Hyperlink36
Referenced the new "Intra & Inter-Buildig Lab Hazardous Substances Transportation Procedure52
Clarify the requirement for refresher training for some courses and not all53