Certificate in Six Sigma Black Belt (Old Version)

Masters Certificate of Completion

Note: This program has been updated! Please visit the new Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate site.

The Program

The certificate is designed for Quality professionals desiring advanced knowledge of the Six Sigma Black Belt body of knowledge, but who do not want to commit to the entire MSQA program at California State University Dominguez Hills.

Certificate of Completion

To earn a certificate, students are required to complete three graduate level courses and associated capstone course from the MSQA program.

Required Courses

  • QAS 511 | Quality Function Management and Total Quality Management
  • QAS 535 | Lean Thinking
  • QAS 536 | Six Sigma Principles and Applications
  • NBQA 711 | Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Refresher

Program Description

The SSBB is a decision making and leadership role in the improvement process which requires an extensive understanding of business processes, as well as quality improvement theories and methodologies. The successful student will be able to develop and lead Six Sigma process improvement teams and be prepared for the ASQ Six Sigma Black belt certification exam.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply the elements contained in the body of knowledge stipulated by ASQ for the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt examination
  2. Recognize Quality concepts that will help students become better prepared to pass the ASQ administered SSBB exam.
  3. Evaluate the Six Sigma process and how this improvement technique can be applied to various types of manufacturing and service organizations and their processes
  4. Create Six Sigma projects which are aligned with the business plan of organizations
  5. Develop and lead process improvement teams 

Course Descriptions

QAS 511 Quality function Management and TQM (3 Units)
A study of the functions and responsibilities of the quality organization. TQM and ISO concepts, and the tools for continuous improvement are analyzed for sequence of use and deployment.

QAS 535 Lean Manufacturing (Also called Lean Thinking) (3 units)
In depth study of the theory and practices of lean production. Covers waste minimization, interrelationships among various components of a system, theories of leadership and management, and process variability reduction.

QAS 536 Six Sigma Principles and Applications (3 units)
In depth study of the application of the six sigma process; covers content of the methodology areas of Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) including team concepts, project management, advanced statistical process control and techniques, and measurement systems analysis.

NBQA 711 Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Preparation Course (noncredit)
The course provides an introduction and an overview of the nine elements of the (ASQ) Certified Six Sigma Black Belt examination. Students will gain an understanding of the concepts of Six Sigma improvement process from the perspective of the SSBB.

Enrollment Information

No application is necessary.  Enroll for your first class by calling 310-243-3741.  Once you have completed the first three classes, you may enroll for the capstone course by contacting the CSUDH Quality Assurance department at msqa@csudh.edu.