ambyr hardy

Ambyr Hardy


M.A. 2016 CSULB- Applied Anthropology  



ANT 100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 

ANT 336 Culture, the Environment, and Globalization 

ANT 337 Ethnography & Film 

Short Biography:      As an applied cultural anthropologist, I love to explore the diverse and beautiful ways humans adapt to their physical and cultural environments. I believe that collaboration is our species’ key to success, and I love working with people to solve problems using my “ethnographic toolkit.”  I am committed to positive social change and believe a more equitable future is rooted in implementing organizational and structural justice. 


Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Research Background: 

  • Social Support Peer Networks 
  • Women and Gender Studies 
  • Public & Museum Education 
  • Tongva Education Collaboration 
  • Institutional Decolonization via Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion