Kenneth Seligson

Dr. Kenneth Seligson

Kenneth E. Seligson

Assistant Professor

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences

Department of Anthropology



Ph.D.   2016    Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

M.A.    2011    Anthropology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

A.B.    2008    Anthropology and History, Brown University

Research Interests:

I am an anthropological archaeologist studying human-environment relationships in the northern Maya lowlands of the Yucatan Peninsula. Specifically, my research focuses on understanding changing human-environmental relationships and resource management practices in the hilly Puuc region of the Yucatan. Over the past ten years I have had the good fortune of being able to conduct my field investigations as a member of the Bolonchen Regional Archaeological Project (BRAP) based out of the town of Oxkutzcab. One of the things that I enjoy most about my research is bringing students to the field for hands-on learning opportunities and new cultural experiences.


  • ANT 100: Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
  • ANT 102: Ancient Civilizations
  • ANT 333: Ancient Peoples of Mexico
  • ANT 334: Mesoamerica Past and Present
  • ANT 336: Comparative Cultures - Culture, Environment, and Globalization
  • ANT 456: Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
  • UNV 101: Pop Culture Archaeology

Recent Publications:

  • 2021  Horowitz, Rachel, Mary Clarke, and Kenneth Seligson. "Querying Quarries: Stone Extraction Practices and Socioeconomic Organization in Three Sub-Regions of the Maya Lowlands." Journal of Field Archaeology DOI: 10.1080/00934690.2021.1947562

  • 2021  Ringle, William M., Tomás Gallareta Negrón, Rossana May Ciau, Kenneth E. Seligson, Juan C. Fernandez-Diaz, and David Ortegón Zapata "Lidar Survey of Ancient Maya Settlement in the Puuc Region of Yucatan,Mexico." PLOS One 4/28/2021.

  • 2020 Seligson, Kenneth, and Manuel Chi Nah. "Mul Meyaj Tía U Betá Jump’el Kaj: Working Together to Build a Community in Puuc Archaeology." Heritage 3(2), 342-363.

  • 2019 Seligson, Kenneth. “Prehispanic Maya Burnt Lime Pit-Kilns and Environmental Resource Conservation.” The Mayanist 1:1:1-20.

  • 2019 Seligson, Kenneth, Soledad Ortíz Ruiz, and Luís Barba. “Prehispanic Maya Burnt Lime Production: Previous Studies and Future Directions.” Ancient Mesoamerica 30:2:199−219.

  • 2019 Seligson, Kenneth. “Misreading the story of climate change and the Maya.” The Conversation.

  • 2018 Seligson, Kenneth, and Kirby Farah. “Engaging the Brown Fedora: Archaeology, Education and Popular Media.” Anthropology Now 10:2:56-68.

  • 2017 Seligson, Kenneth, Tomás Gallareta Negrón, Rossana May, George J. Bey III. “Using Multiple Lines of Evidence to Identify Prehispanic Lime Kilns in The Maya Area.” Latin American Antiquity 28(4):558–576.

  • 2017 Seligson, Kenneth, Tomás Gallareta Negrón, Rossana May, George J. Bey III. “Burnt Lime Production and the Pre-Columbian Maya Socio-Economy: A Case Study from the Northern Yucatán.” Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 48:281–294.

  • 2017 Seligson, Kenneth, Tomás Gallareta Negrón, Rossana May, George J. Bey III. “Lime Powder Production in the Puuc Maya Region (AD 600–950): An Experimental Pit Kiln.” Journal of Field Archaeology 42:2:129–141.