Morgan Siewert

Dr. Morgan Siewert

Assistant Professor

SBS C331

College of Natural and Behavioral Sciences 

Department of Anthropology 


Phone: (310) 243-3443 


Dr. Morgan Siewert received her Ph.D. in anthropology from The University of Texas at Austin  in 2021, after which she taught as a visiting assistant professor of anthropology at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Dr. Siewert came to the Department of Anthropology at California State University, Dominguez Hills as an assistant professor in 2022. 


Dr. Siewert currently teaches Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ANT100), Language and Culture (ANT312), and North American Indians (ANT 330).


Dr. Siewert is a linguistic anthropologist interested in language and culture maintenance in an Anishinaabe community, with special focus on cross-generational transmission of cultural knowledge through performance—in other words, how youth and elders use creative verbal performance as pedagogy. In addition to ongoing research into emergent approaches to heritage language and culture revitalization, she plans to resume research paused by COVID-19 into archives and the repatriation of Anishinaabe linguistic and cultural knowledge recorded in Jesuit missionary texts.  


Dr. Siewert’s courses are designed for students to critically engage how their ways of knowing enrich concepts learned in an anthropology classroom. She works to contextualize “canon” texts and thinkers through newer or innovative research so students are exposed diverse perspectives on topics such as race, gender, the history of anthropology, and ethnographic representations of peoples and cultures. She is committed to teaching anthropology as a discipline that reflects the plurality of positionalities represented within the CSUDH classroom, the academy, and the world. 


  • Ethnopoetics 
  • Heritage language revitalization and reclamation 
  • Pedagogy, performance, and ritual 
  • Cultural anthropology 
  • Linguistic anthropology 
  • Native American and Indigenous Studies