Timothy McHale

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Dr. Timothy McHale


Website: TsMcHale.com 


Ph.D. Biological Anthropology, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (2017)

MS.c. Evolutionary Anthropology, Durham University, United Kingdom (2011)

Clinical Allergy Specialist Medical Certification, University of Incarnate Word (2011)

B.S Biology& B.A. Philosophy, University of Central Florida (2007)


Introduction to Biological Anthropology 

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 

Human Variation  

Biological Anthropology

Research Interests:

Interdisciplinary trained applied biological anthropologist with a focus on biocultural, evolutionary, and developmental approaches to human biology, behavior, and health, with a combined 12 years of teaching, research, publishing, and medical field experience. My expertise lies at the intersection of Human Behavioral Ecology, Cultural Evolution, Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Life History Theory, Childhood Development, and Psychobiology to explain cross-cultural patterns of human variation, health, physiology, sexuality, gender, and behavior.

Publications: N = 13

Ratings: h-index:6, Citations: 222 (Google Scholar)

Peer-reviewed published articles, with student co-authors underlined:

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