Asian & Pacific Cultural Center


The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) was established in Fall 2021. Nathan Nguyen, its inaugural program director, was hired in October 2021 to begin the development of a center dedicated to Asian & Pacific Islander student success at CSUDH.

The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center began providing in-person programs and services in Spring 2022. While the center is still without a physical location, programs and services are continued to be offered in-person and remotely. To learn more about upcoming events and programs, visit our Instagram page.

Currently, APCC and students are working with CSUDH administrators to identify a suitable location to be the center's future home. We will provide more updates as soon as a location has been identified.


The Asian & Pacific Cultural Center aims to be a cultural home for API students at CSUDH where community, belonging, learning, and engagement are instruments toward personal, academic, and professional success of API students. 


  • Build community through relevant programs, activities, and celebrations that reflect the broad Asian & Pacific experience.
  • Engage students in learning and development through the lenses of racial-justice, critical reflection, and inclusion.
  • Advocate for student wellness and success through providing and connecting students to on-campus and off-campus resources.

Focus Areas

  • Academic Success
  • Social Justice
  • Community Building
  • Career Readiness
  • Culture & Art
  • Clubs & Organizations Support
  • Identity Development
  • Graduate School Resources


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Location & Hours

(310) 243-2290