Black Faculty & Staff Association

Malcolm X
Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

-Malcolm X

Who We Are: 

The Black Faculty and Staff Association at CSU Dominguez Hills is a group of professionals who share a common bond of or interest in African ancestry and/or the African American experience.  We are a diverse group that represents many nationalities and cultures. United by a common goal to encourage and exemplify personal, professional, and academic excellence, we aim to serve as leaders and role models, and be a network of support for each other as well as to the students this university serves. Membership is open to everyone!


Our Commitment to Anti-Racism:

Inequities, discrimination, and injustice in our society have unjustly impacted communities of color and people of varied ethnicities, origins, sexualities, gender identities, religions, ability, body size, and many other intersectional identities. The numbers of bodies that have been snuffed out, marginalized, psychologically terrorized, miseducated, exploited, sexualized, criminalized, demonized, neglected and forgotten marks a systematic trend that seeks to uphold the notion that these lives have no value. BFSA is committed to the work of anti-racism and justice on the CSUDH campus by working to challenge structures that have historically devalued and disenfranchised people.  We dedicate ourselves to help produce liberated spaces that focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion at CSUDH.