CBAPP Mission

The mission of CSUDH CBAPP is to educate the leaders who shape the future. This is accomplished by providing an opportunity to acquire a nationally accredited professional education for a successful career.

The Mission of the Business Program:
“We provide a quality undergraduate business education and innovative professional graduate programs to a diverse student population in the South Bay area. Our business programs prepare students for career advancement through our classroom activities and a scholarly, applied research agenda.”

The Mission of the Public Administration Programs:
“Is to provide high quality professional education for leadership in public affairs and administration.”

Mission Foundation Statements:
Our primary focus and commitment is to excellence in teaching. We achieve our mission by engaging our students in a personal, supportive learning environment that:

  • Forms lifelong learning skills that result in continuous professional development in the ability to adapt to, and succeed in changing future competitive circumstances.
  • Emphasizes practical, workplace-related knowledge and skills that are transferable to many different career paths.
  • Integrates technology in the classroom for future use in the management of organizations.
  • Prepares students for learning how to deal with multiple cultures and the global business and public arenas.
  • Focuses on values and ethics that lead to personal success and good citizenship.
  • Connects students to the business and public communities.
  • Enables faculty to pursue applied and educational research, and business, government and community consulting services that are supportive of our mission and result in continuous faculty development.

Meaning of Key Words and Phrases:

  • Supportive Leaning Environment: Provides close individual interaction with professors, other students, staff, and administrators.
  • Lifelong Learning: Develops the skills and the ability to be a good citizen and to remain current and productive in a chosen profession. This includes the development of: 1) critical thinking, 2) communications, 3) problem solving, 4) leadership, and 5) interpersonal skills.
  • Connects Students: Through business and public sector people visiting and speaking on campus, visits to businesses and public agencies, internship opportunities, and career planning assistance.
  • Applied and Educational Research and Consulting: Adds value to industry and public sector, assists organizations to meet their goals, fosters economic development, improves classroom teaching, related activities, and materials, and contributes to advancing the body of knowledge.