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Graduated from Grinnell College in 1977 majoring in Theatre. Worked in the health food business for 8 years in New York City then in Austin Texas at Whole Foods Market's first four stores. At Whole Foods he worked on new store development , as a Store Manager, and on The Communications Team (HR). After leaving WFM David went to UCLA for his Ph.D. in Organization and Strategy. His first job was at Purdue University. From there he went to The Wharton School, Southern Methodist University, and The University of Kansas before moving back to Southern California to work at CSUDH. At CSUDH he has been Management & Marketing Department Chair, Acting Associate Dean, and Acting Director of Graduate Programs. He is very happy to be back in the classroom. His research examines capability development at scientific start-ups, building routines at franchises, and competitive advantage & competitive heterogeneity (how do firms maintain unique competitive positions in the face of imitation, competition, and change).


Courses Taught at CSUDH

MGT 310, Management Theory

MGT 490, Strategic Management

MGT 590, Strategic Management (MBA)



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