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This program is geared for students who intend to work in an accounting profession in either private or government non-profit organizations. The program covers subject areas such as general and cost accounting, income taxation, government and non-profit organizations accounting, auditing, and business law. Students graduating with the Accounting concentration may consider professional certification exams (CPA, CMA, CIA, CFM) after completing additional preparation and extensive review.

Career Opportunities - Students graduating with an Accounting concentration will have opportunities to work at the accounting departments of business organizations, public accounting ICPA firms, government, accounting offices at the federal (IRS), state (Franchise Tax Board, State Board of Equalization, etc.), county and city government accounting offices.  Students who pursue certification in (CPA, CMA, CIA, CFM) will enhance their opportunities for career advancement and furthering their income.


The Finance concentration is supported by a wide array of courses which prepare the students for the world of finance through courses in Business Finance, Personal Finance, Investments, Portfolio Management, International Finance, Real Estate Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Financial Forecasting and Management of Financial Markets and Institutions.

Taught by well-qualified and highly accomplished faculty, the program also utilizes state of the art Financial Lab and will have use of the innovative Case Study Room. Through Student Research Day, and a newly reorganized Finance Club students have access to opportunities to conduct research in collaboration with the faculty as well as have opportunities to network with finance industry leaders.  

Career Opportunities - The program in Finance prepares students to take advantage of the much sought after job opportunities not only in traditional fields of finance such as commercial and retail banking, personal finance, international and multinational finance, investment banking and public finance but also the burgeoning field of entrepreneurial finance, venture capital and small business finance.


Economics courses focus in the interactions between individual economic agents that form the basis of supply and demand theories and leads to wage and price determination. Different market structures and the implications for welfare and efficiency and the consequences of government intervention are investigated. Economics courses place special emphasis in the development of analytical thinking and problem solving skills that are essential for success in today's work environment.


Businesses work within a legal framework – from legal formation, venture financing, operations, to dissolution of the company. Additionally, businesses often serve as employers, with an array of state and federal laws protecting the workplace. The law courses at CBAPP (Legal Environment of Business, Law of Business Organizations, and Employment Law) explore these themes, serving to facilitate the student’s understanding of how legal and regulatory compliance implicates the bottom line of business enterprises. Students that seek further study in these areas may consider law school after graduation from CSUDH. The faculty has practical experience as members of the California Bar and active law practices in both litigation and transactional contexts.

Academic and Career Advisement

Concentration and Career Advising are provided by faculty and can be initiated by students to accommodate individual needs. Names of faculty and their areas of professional expertise are outlined on our website. Click here to view the Accounting, Finance and Economics Department faculty. Students may obtain advice from faculty about tailoring their academic program toward career goals, graduate schools and programs, and career opportunities. Students are urged to consult with faculty on these matters.

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