The CSUDH campus Add/Drop Policy is noted on the Records and Registrations website. After students have reviewed this information and determined that they need to add or drop a course, CBAPP students may follow the instructions below.

Before the semester begins:

Week 1 through 3:

  • Students shall contact the course instructor for a Permission Number to add a course unless: 
    • Students attempting to enroll in 19-21 units must submit the Change of Program form with their advisor’s signature to, and students trying to register in more than 21 units must submit the Change of Program form with the Associate Dean’s signature to
    • Students attempting to enroll with a time conflict must submit the Approval for Time Conflict form with the signatures of both instructors and the Late Registration Permission Number noted.  The Change of Program form is not necessary.
  • To drop a class: students drop via

Week 4: 

  • To add a class: students shall complete the Change of Program Add/Drop form, and note which courses they are requesting to add or drop 
    • The student shall seek the instructor's signature in-person, during faculty office hours, or via email
    • The student may contact the Department Chair in person, during their office hours, or via email. Students experiencing difficulty in contacting a Department Chair, may request assistance in the CBAPP Undergraduate Advisement Center, SBS A319.
  • To drop a class: students drop via (Instructor and Program Chair’s signatures are no longer required.)

Week 5 through 11:

  • Complete a Change of Program: Add/Drop Form and a Petition for Exception Form, and evidence of a serious and compelling reason.
  • Students can review the Petition for Exception instructions on the CBAPP Petition for Exception webpage

Students requesting assistance throughout this process may contact the CBAPP Undergraduate Advisement Center in SBS A319, or by phone (310) 243-3548.

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