CSU Online Course Services

CSU Online Course Services

CSUDH is a Quality Matters (QM) affiliated campus which is part of the CSU Online Services program.

Quality Matters ™

CSUDH is currently a Quality Matters (QM) affiliated campus which is part of the CSU Online Course Services program.  QM is a standard that is nationally as well as internationally recognized.  Through the CSU system, QM is sponsored by the Chancellor’s Office (CO).  This standard provides a uniform framework used by the CSU system to improve the quality of Online and Hybrid courses.

Quality Matters ™ offers the following workshops and trainings. Please see the Courses section of the CSU Online Course Services site for more information.

  • Design Your Online Course 
  • Improving Your Online Course
  • Applying the Quality Matters Rubric

Quality Matters ™ Course Certification

CSU Online Course Services has established a process for “Formal Course Review Certifications” of fully online and hybrid courses across the 23-campus system. Course certifications are conducted using the CSU Quality Learning & Teaching (QLT) Rubric or the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric.

CSUDH is an official Quality Matters campus. This allows faculty to have their courses certified through the nationally recognized Quality Matters rubric.

CSUDH Steps for Course Certification

  1. Attend a campus QM information session
  2. Complete the “Applying the Quality Matters (QM) Rubric” course. This course is offered throughout the academic year and in the summer by the office of Online Course Services (OCS) in the Chancellor’s office.
  3. Contact campus QM lead to set up an appointment to begin the self-review process
  4. Complete the self-review
  5. Submit self-review and course syllabus to campus QM lead
  6. Make necessary revisions
  7. Self-review is submitted to Campus Review team
  8. Make necessary revisions
  9. Campus QM lead submits course documents to the Office of Online Courses Services to begin course certification process

Campus QM Course Certification Process

QLT Certification Process

Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT) Program

The Quality Learning and Teaching (QLT; formerly QOLT) Program was developed to assist faculty, faculty developers, and instructional designers to more effectively design and deliver online, blended, and flipped courses.

The QLT Program offers the following courses. Please see the Courses section of the CSU Online Course Services site for more information.

  • Introduction to Teaching Online Using QLT
  • Advanced QLT Course in Teaching Online
  • Reviewing Courses Using QLT