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The Faculty Development Center (FDC) provides support for CSUDH faculty within the Division of Academic Affairs. The FDC sustains services and resources to support faculty in developing and enhancing pedagogical knowledge and skills that foster students' success. In so doing, the FDC promotes reflective practice in teaching. It also provides a meeting place for university faculty in a communal learning environment.

The FDC is built upon the hard work of many faculty spanning the 40 years of CSUDH history, and has taken many forms over the years. Within the past few years, Faculty Associates have developed a multi-service center with instructional and technical resources. The major services provided by the FDC are: New Faculty Success Program, Faculty Mentoring Program, Scholarship for Teaching and Learning, Syllabus Construction, Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Development Training, Faculty Travel Grants for Research, Technology Workshops, and Technology Support for Individual Faculty. Feedback on center operations is provided by the faculty who use the FDC services and the Faculty Advisory Committee, who provide advice and guidance.


The mission of the Faculty Development Center is to support the University’s mission of success in education through a student’s contact with faculty members who effectively combine teaching, scholarship, and service and to help create a campus culture that values and supports excellence in teaching, learning, and research.

  • Cultivate and expand faculty skills in teaching and scholarship to support the university’s strategic planning goals of building excellent academic programs that reinforce our position as a comprehensive model urban university.
  • Encourage the effective use of innovative technologies and teaching strategies, and assist faculty in providing diverse instructional modalities to increase student flexibility and retention.
  • Provide work-life resources to support faculty research and creative activities and to assure engagement and retention of excellent faculty in disciplines that support the stated priorities.

Faculty development at CSUDH includes support, resources, and services that enable faculty to achieve excellence, integration, and satisfaction in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service throughout their careers.

Activities and Services:

Annual: New Faculty Orientation Program Fall term (workshop series), Department Chair, and RTP workshops (faculty and reviewers), Blackboard orientation, and open lab

Per Term: Selective activities responding to campus strategic goals, faculty needs or interests, and higher education research/discussion, for example:

  • AAC&U: High-impact practice and student engagement for student-centered learning
  • CSUDH strategic goals: Curriculum design and teaching the first year experience

Development of instruction-effective teaching strategies, peer mentoring, and lessons learned

  • Online learning tools for student engagement: blogs, wikis, social media models

Building of “library course” holding course materials and activities

  • Affordable learning services: faculty collaboration for design of a common textbook and resource materials for a specific curriculum area ( e.g. statistics, social science methods)
  • Peer to Peer: mentoring new faculty, classroom visits and scholarship support
  • Speaker series: pedagogy and research topics
  • Faculty learning communities organized around inquiry topic or question: experienced teachers discussing deep learning, online teaching, developmental instruction, community action research, professional ethics

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