Winter and Spring Intersession & Summer Aid

Check your Financial Aid status online at in the Student Center.

Winter Session and Financial Aid

If you are considering or plan to enroll in Winter Session through the College of Continuing and Professional Education (CCPE) and would like to pay winter session fees using financial aid, you will need to request a Winter Session Deferment Form from the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. Please call 310-243-3691 or visit the Toro Welcome and Information Center and a staff member will assist you in determining if you have sufficient aid to cover your Spring tuition fees and Winter Session fees. If you have sufficient Spring financial aid, a Winter Session Deferment will be emailed to you for signature. Once you have signed the form, submit the Winter Deferment via Dropbox using the appropriate link on the Forms page.

For information about Winter Session, visit

Eligibility for May Intersession 2024

Units taken during the May Intersession 2024 term will be considered as part of the Summer Financial Aid eligibility. Please review below for eligibility requirements.

Eligibility for Summer 2024

Did you know financial aid is available during the Summer term? If you are planning to attend Summer Session and would like to be considered for Summer aid, please download the Summer Aid Request Form and submit your form to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office via Dropbox no later than July 12, 2024. If you have questions, contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office.

  • Start by completing the Summer 2024 Aid Request Form and submitting it to the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office. The filing deadline for this form is July 12, 2024.
  • Summer 2024 is the last term of our 2023-2024 academic year. Funding is not guaranteed.
  • The number of Summer units and the sessions you will be enrolled in will impact your aid eligibility. Eligibility will depend on how many units you take and in which sessions you enroll.
  • A cost of attendance for the Summer term (Tuition & fees, books & supplies, housing & food, transportation, etc.) will be used to determine eligibility.
  • Failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) requirements for financial aid recipients will impact Summer eligibility.

Awarding of Summer Aid for Summer 2024

  • Be sure to have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file for 2023-2024 aid year. List the school code as 001141 so that CSUDH will automatically receive your processed information electronically.
  • Summer Federal Pell Grant is any amount of remaining eligibility from the current school year or will be a new award as long as your enrolled at least half-time (6 units).
  • The Federal Direct Loan Program is available to students enrolled in at least half-time units (6 units for undergraduates and Teacher Credential students, 4 units of 500 level coursework for graduate/doctoral students) and who have not exceeded the has annual limits on the amount a student can receive during an academic year. A student may have exhausted program eligibility during the fall and spring semesters.
    Dependent StudentIndependent Students
    First Year
    0-29 units completed
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $3,500)
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $3,500)
    30-59 units completed
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $4,500)
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $4,500)
    60 or more units completed
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $5,500)
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $5,500)
    Teacher Credential$5,500
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $5,500)
    (of which subsidized loan cannot exceed $5,500)
  • Summer Cal Grant may be available to current Cal Grant recipients depending on your individual eligibility. You must be enrolled at least half-time (6 units) and write CAL GRANT on your Summer Aid Request form. Receipt of Summer Cal Grant funds will reduce your remaining eligibility in the Cal Grant program.
  • All offers of Summer financial aid are contingent on students completing courses for the current semester. We will review grades at the end of the semester and if you did not meet the requirements of our  Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, you will not be considered for Summer funding and will be required to pay your Summer registration fees. 
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress will be reviewed after Summer grades are finalized and your SAP status may impact your Fall 2024 financial aid eligibility 
  • To view Summer financial aid awards, please visit the Student Center at

Payment of Summer Registration Fees

  • Students who have been awarded Summer aid sufficient to cover their registration fees will not be required to pay to prevent their classes from being dropped.