Affordable Academic Excellence

CSUDH offers a tradition of academic excellence, with a wide selection of academic programs. We are committed to making it possible for more students to access and afford a quality university education from a recognized institution of higher learning. As part of this commitment, CSUDH offers a wide range of scholarship programs to help students finance their degrees. Each year, we award more than $102 million in scholarships and grants. We strongly encourage you to apply for scholarships today.

Search for CSUDH Scholarships via the Scholarship Portal.

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Presidential Scholarship

The Presidential Scholars Program is our Premier Scholarship Program.

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New Students

A list of scholarships opportunities for newly admitted CSUDH students.

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Current Students

Department & CSU system scholarships for current undergrad, credential, & grad students. 

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More Scholarships

Resources for finding scholarships not affiliated with CSUDH. 

Application Process

Our online application is available for current CSUDH students and newly admitted CSUDH students with an activated Toromail account. The online application must be submitted electronically by the deadline specified for each scholarship. The Scholarship Portal is also accessible on, your student portal. Some scholarships are bundled under one application, while others require separate applications. To see what active scholarships you may qualify for, use the Search for Scholarships feature. 

Awarding and Notification Process

Scholarships are normally awarded during the spring and summer for the upcoming academic year. During that time, scholarship award notifications will be sent and will include the name and amount of the scholarship. Consideration for additional scholarship awards will continue throughout the academic year.

If you are selected as a recipient of a scholarship, the scholarship will be added to your financial aid offer. Students are assigned a Cost of Attendance (COA) Budget based on their housing plans and degree plan (undergraduate, credential, graduate). If necessary, the Financial Aid Office will reduce self-help aid, like loans, when the student has been offered the maximum possible in all forms of financial aid (grants and loans).

The Financial Aid Office notifies Student Financial Services of the scholarship payment, which will be applied to your student account. If you do not owe a balance for the semester, then a refund will be issued either by direct deposit or you will be mailed a paper check. Release of scholarships funds begins the week before the semester begins.

Criteria for Eligibility

University scholarships are administered by the Financial Aid Office and various colleges and departments on campus. Scholarships are generally awarded based on financial need, academic performance, community service, and leadership. All scholarships require a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher. Enrollment criteria may vary by each scholarship.

When reviewing the list of available scholarships, consider whether you meet the minimum requirements before submitting an application. Some scholarships require a student to have a particular major, GPA, or are designated by other criteria.  

For further information, please contact the Financial Aid Office at (310) 243-3691 or email