Government & Community Relations

The Office of Government and Community Relations is dedicated to building mutually-beneficial partnerships with business, government, and community-based organizations. In this role, we are committed to developing a climate in which CSUDH is viewed as the educational centerpiece of the South Bay region, worthy of investment and support from members of the greater community.

Census 2020: Every Toro Counts

Get counted in the 2020 Census!

The deadline to complete the census has been extended until August 14. You may apply online (strongly encouraged), over the phone, or by mail.

Why take part?

Your participation matters. An accurate census means:

  • More funding for your community
  • Fair representation for California in Congress
  • Federal money for students, universities, and housing
  • Resources allocated for everyone, including people who can’t vote

Your data is secure.

  • Census data is confidential. It cannot be shared with any other government agency or used for any other purpose.

It’s easy!

  • Taking part takes 10 minutes.
  • There are only nine questions.
  • English and Spanish forms are available, and there are guides for 50+ languages.

More resources:

Census 2020 website
Guide for undocumented students and immigrants
Census 2020 Timeline

Government Relations

As part of the University Advancement team, the Office of Government and Community Relations coordinates the university’s legislative and advocacy efforts at the federal, state, and local levels.

Community Relations

This office also serves as the university's liaison to the broader community. We work with:

* Local business organizations
* Chambers of commerce
* Non-profit groups
* The community-at-large in the South Bay region and metropolitan Los Angeles County

As a liaison to these groups, we keep our community constituents informed about programs and activities at the university that would be beneficial or of interest to them, identify community needs, and explore avenues to provide university resources to meet those needs, creating partnerships between these organizations and the university.

Contact Information

Office Hours: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Office Telephone: (310) 243-3819