Heal Certificate

The Higher Education Administration and Leadership (HEAL) is a 12-unit graduate certificate program which addresses the needs of career-focused professionals within a continuously changing and complex higher education environment. Program participants will interact with higher education expert faculty and have an opportunity to further develop and expand their professional networks. The HEAL curriculum is based on current research and advanced teaching methodologies. Program objectives are to:

  • Provide participants with a strong foundation in theory and current practice of higher education administration and leadership;
  • Help participants develop their capacity to analyze and address complex issues and challenges facing higher education;
  • Prepare participants to become informed, collaborative, and more effective higher education administrators; and
  • Inspire participants to continuously promote success and innovation among diverse higher education constituencies by exhibiting critical thinking and analysis, as well as inclusion and collaboration.

The Higher Education Administration and Leadership (HEAL) Graduate Certificate Program is supported through the teaching/learning of four (4) 3-unit courses completed over one year (two academic semesters).  Two courses are taught in fall and two courses are taught in spring:

Fall 2024

GED 550: Higher Education Leadership (3 units)
GED 551: Legal Issues in Higher Education (3 units)

Spring 2025

GED 552: Higher Education Finance (3 units)
GED 553: Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education (3 units)

During Fall Semester 2024, 11 sessions will be taken with independent learning and discussions on Canvas and each month there will be one live online zoom session for each course. The five live online zoom sessions are on Tuesdays throughout the semester from 5:00-7:45 pm for both GED 550: Higher Education Leadership and GED 551: Legal Issues in Higher Education (2 courses).

HEAL Zoom Online Information Sessions


Tuesday, May 28, 202412:00pm - 12:45pm
Wednesday, May 29, 202412:00pm - 12:45pm
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Student and Mentor Testimonial About HEAL

Statement by Nancy Perry, Administrative Support Coordinator, Communication Department, CSUDH (HEAL Program Alumni):

The HEAL Program has been instrumental in fostering my professional growth within the realm of Higher Education. Through its platform, I've had the privilege to cultivate invaluable networks and build meaningful relationships across campus. The program's emphasis on flexibility in assignments has not only enriched my learning experiences but has also empowered me to delve deeper into my areas of interest within the University.

I was first introduced to the HEAL program by Dean Caron after sharing my desire to further my education and my hope to enter the field of Academic Advising with him. I am grateful for my Dean supporting my pursuit of growth and steering me towards the HEAL Program. Beyond the wealth of knowledge and connections I acquired, the program played a pivotal role in reinstating my confidence as a student and fueled my determination to pursue my educational goals. Since completing the HEAL program I have been able to complete the Academic Advising Graduate certificate at Kansas State University, and I am on track to receive my Masters in Academic Advising at the end of July at Kansas State University. Without the encouragement of Dean Caron, I don’t know if I would have ever known about the HEAL program, or if I would have applied. Without his support, I am not sure I would have applied to the program or been able to complete it. His support and encouragement was vital in not only my decision to pursue the HEAL Certificate program, but also completing the program. I thank Tim Caron for leading me to the program and his continued support throughout my journey in the program.

Statement from Tim Caron, Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, CSUDH (HEAL Program Mentor):

CSUDH’s HEAL Program was of great benefit to Ms. Nancy Perry, Administrative Support Coordinator for the Communications Department in the College of Arts and Humanities. Among the many benefits of the program, Ms. Perry was able to forge close professional relationships with colleagues from all across the campus, including offices such as the Student disAbility Resource Center and Alumni Relations witin the Office of University Advancement. Not only did she create closer working relationships with fellow Toros, but Ms. Perry also gained valuable insights into the organizational structures of the university through the HEAL Program. By taking classes like Diversity in Higher Education and Leadership in Higher Education, Ms. Perry is much better positioned in her current role to help students navigate the university’s bureaucracy so that she can connect them with important resources, such as Basic Needs. Finally, successfully completing the HEAL Certificate Program gave Ms. Perry a big confidence boost, convincing her that she was more than ready to return to the university to undertake graduate-level course-work. With the lessons that she learned in the HEAL Program, Ms. Perry has now successfully completed her MA in Academic Advising from Kansas State University.