MPA Online 12-Week Schedule 2022

MPA Online Schedule: Public Management Emphasis

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Courses in this emphasis are held in four 12-week terms. Click the link below to see the schedule of classes (subject to change).  Core courses are typically offered in the same sessions every year, while electives vary.

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Calendar Dates: 2022 | 2023

2022 Calendar Dates
Session 1 - Spring: January 10 – April 3
Session 2 - Summer: April 4 - June 26
Session 3 - Fall I: July 5 - September 25
Session 4 - Fall II: September 26 - December 18

2022 MPA Online Schedule (12-week)

Session 1
PUB 305.41Applied Statistics in Public Administration1/10/2022-4/3/2022
PUB 502.41Administrative Theory and Behavior1/10/2022-4/3/2022
PUB 503.41Introduction to Research Methods in Public Administration1/10/2022-4/3/2022
PUB 584.41Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Management1/10/2022-4/3/2022
PUB 592.41Capstone1/10/2022-4/3/2022
Session 2
PUB 528.41Economics for Public Managers4/4/2022-6/26/2022
PUB 508.41Public Human Resource Management4/4/2022-6/26/2022
PUB 510.41Public Budgeting4/4/2022-6/26/2022
PUB 504A.41Quantitative Methods in Public Administration4/4/2022-6/26/2022
Session 3
PUB 504B.41Quantitative Methods in Public Administration I7/5/2022-9/25/2022
PUB 506.41Administration of Public Policy7/5/2022-9/25/2022
PUB 512.41Foundations of Ethical Administration7/5/2022-9/25/2022
CJA 540.41Elective: Advanced Criminal Justice Issues7/5/2022-9/25/2022
Session 4
PUB 500.41Environment and Practice of Public Administration9/26/2022-12/18/2022
PUB 501.41Public Management9/26/2022-12/18/2022
PUB 505.41Quantitative Methods in Public Administration II9/26/2022-12/18/2022
PUB 510.41Public Budgeting9/26/2022-12/18/2022
PUB 592.41Capstone9/26/2022-12/18/2022

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* Courses that designate A or B indicates two versions of the curriculum. “A” courses are for students who enrolled before Fall 2021 into the MPA program. “B” courses are for students who enrolled in the MPA program Fall 2021 or later.

(last updated April 26, 2022)

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