School of Public Service & Justice

Dear Toro Nation,

It brings me great pleasure to announce the establishment of a new school within the College of Business Administration and Public Policy (CBAPP)—the School of Public Service and Justice.

The School of Public Service and Justice (SPSJ) at CSUDH will promote ethical public service and justice, demonstrating our longstanding commitment to deliver student success and academic excellence. SPSJ will work in collaboration with and serve our neighboring communities and the South Bay region by promoting public wellbeing and fairness. Housed in the College of Business Administration and Public Policy, and centered in the Department of Public Administration, SPSJ is poised to accommodate additional interdisciplinary programs in the future.

Marked by events of the past few years, significant challenges in our nation and society indicate the urgent need for SPSJ. The COVID-19 public health crisis and its exposure of the disparities in health care access and treatment, combined with systemic racism, overt political extremism have led many to question our nation’s core civic structures and the legitimacy of elections and government officials. The level of systemic intervention required to address these dilemmas mandate that we bring a greater intentionality around public service and social justice.

CSUDH’s SPSJ will focus on promoting ethical public service and justice to address each of these intersecting crises—along with other ongoing societal challenges such as poverty, homelessness, and affirming the rights of historically marginalized populations. This new school will prepare the Toro Nation to meet this moment and address these challenges.

The establishment of SPSJ is a faculty-driven, mission-based, and an administratively supported initiative. I thank the faculty task force for its diligence and attention to detail on aligning the need for enhanced instruction on government and public service with the mission of CSUDH and serving the faculty and student body.

I commend CBAPP Dean Joseph Wen, Associate Dean Tayyeb Shabbir, the CBAPP College Council, Chair Elena Kulikov, Professor Gus Martin, and all college faculty for their contributions to the vetting of the SPSJ proposal. Additionally, Past Academic Senate Chair Laura Talamante and the Senate Executive Committee provided the campus with several forums and other opportunities for a thorough and critical review of the proposed school. Finally, I thank Provost Michael Spagna, who exhibited essential leadership and attentiveness for the campus community during the deliberative process for SPSJ. I am proud to be part of this transformation and am confident that CSUDH is positioned well to educate the next generation of servant leaders who are guided by public service and strive for justice.


Thomas A. Parham, Ph.D.
CSUDH President

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