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Master of Public Administration

Our NASPAA (Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration) accredited Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is designed to provide high quality professional education for people entering or working in public service professions. The MPA program prepares students for careers as professional managers of public sector or nonprofit organizations, as well as for research, consulting and teaching careers. The MPA curriculum develops a theoretical foundation for the practice of effective public management in a wide range of public service functional areas at all levels of government. The MPA program is specifically designed to help students stay current and develop insights on current and practical topics.

Currently the MPA program provides on-campus and online delivery of an accredited MPA degree. The on-campus and online instruction permits busy working professionals to continue their career while completing the program. Students complete all their classes either on-campus or online while staying on their professional career track. Students have full interaction with classmates and faculty in the classroom or online.

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B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration is designed to provide students with a high quality and affordable education. Students will be engaged in education that promotes public service and social justice through scientific research and critical analysis of criminal justice policies and laws. The degree provides students with opportunities to consider a career in public, non-profit, and private sector professions in federal, state, and local agencies in the field of criminal justice administration and related public services. The degree also prepares students for graduate and professional education in criminal justice studies, criminology, law, and public policy. As evidenced through our Program Learning Objectives, students will acquire knowledge of criminal justice administration, develop and practice critical thinking skills, understand and appreciate diversity, practice effective communication, evaluate and practice ethical decisions, and develop information literacy.

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B.S. in Public Administration

Public administration is the work of implementing government policies and programs that serve our communities and the public good. Our Bachelor of Science degree in Public Administration is designed to provide professional preparation for administrative or managerial positions in public service organizations.

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B.S. Organizational Leadership Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership Studies is a specially designed online degree program that meets the needs of diverse students who have significant work experience and/or have made progress toward or achieved associate degrees that they may readily transfer to pursue upper division coursework. This program emphasizes workplace applications of academic subjects enabling students to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree with advanced coursework preparing them for management and/or leadership roles in their professions.