Public Policy Institute

The Public Policy Institute (PPI) at CSUDH was created in 2013 to serve the College of Business Administration and Public Policy and the Department of Public Administration faculty, students and various community stakeholders. One of its primary goals is to lead the greater Los Angeles and South Bay areas in the evolving field of public administration and public policy through relationships with various public sector and non-profit entities at the city, county, state and federal levels. The PPI develops programs to instill interaction and exchange of ideas, teaching, and scholarship among scholars, researchers, students, public administration, and non-profit professionals. The PPI facilitates student engagement at the undergraduate and MPA levels in public administration and non-profit projects through its internships, mentors, symposiums, and community outreach programs. It provides opportunities for faculty development while serving as a feasible research resource. The PPI also provides grant writing options/deliverables and community engagement with close student involvement.

Institute Co-Directors:
Dr. Rui Sun,
Dr. Hugo Asencio,

South Bay Economics Institute

The Economics Institute at CSUDH aims to lead the South Bay region with innovative and forward-thinking economics education and research. The Economics Institute serves the College of Business Administration and Public Policy faculty and students, as well as community stakeholders by:

  • Developing CSUDH economics curriculum and teaching while incorporating proven high-impact practices;
  • Engaging our diverse student body in economic analysis projects through mentoring programs, guest speakers, and community outreach opportunities; and
  • Facilitating faculty development through economics research resources, grant writing deliverables, and local business and government community engagement.

Learn more on the South Bay Economics Institute's website.