COVID-19 Reporting

COVID-19 Reporting

COVID-19 Reporting Hotline: (310) 243-2076

The university has established a COVID-19 reporting hotline for members of the campus to confidentially report COVID-19 positive results or possible exposure.

Do not call the hotline if you were recently vaccinated and are experiencing side effects.

COVID-19 cases in the Southern California region continue to rise, which increases the likelihood that more members of our campus community will become infected. Below, CSUDH provides information on COVID-19 cases among the CSUDH community that have been reported and confirmed.

Reported CSUDH COVID-19 Cases

(updated 4/13/21)


Reported CSUDH COVID-19 Cases by Month, 2020-21

(updated 4/13/21)

March 20200
April 20203
May 20201
June 20203
July 20207
August 20203
September 20203
October 20203
November 20209
December 202035
January 202123
February 20218
March 20212
April 20210

Having a clear picture of the number of cases among our campus community will help the university better protect students, faculty, and staff.

Required COVID-19 Notification and Workers Compensation

The State of California has passed two legislative bills that require specific actions from employers involving communication to employees and processing of injury claims related to COVID-19.
University-Issued COVID-19 Case Notifications
Case NumberCampus Notification E-mail DateCampus Location(s) of Positive CaseDate Positive Case Was Last On Campus
2020-12-00112/04/2020O&P Los Alamitos12/01/2020
2020-12-00212/07/2020Welch Hall12/02/2020
2020-12-00312/08/2020Physical Plant12/03/2020
2020-12-00412/08/2020Welch Hall and ROTC & Parking Services Modular (RPM)12/03/2020
2020-12-00512/14/2020Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/04/2020
2020-12-00612/14/2020Loker Student Union (LSU)12/10/2020
2020-12-00712/15/2020Classroom Village (VIL)12/09/2020
2020-12-00812/18/2020Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/11/2020
2020-12-00912/21/2020Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/14/2020
2020-12-01012/23/2020Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/21/2020
2020-12-01112/30/2020Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/21/2020
2020-12-01212/30/2020Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/29/2020
2021-01-011/04/2021Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/29/2020
2021-01-021/04/2021Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site 12/29/2020
2021-01-031/04/2021Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/29/2020
2021-01-041/04/2021 Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/29/2020
2021-01-051/04/2021Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/29/2020
2021-01-061/04/2021Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site12/30/2020
2021-01-071/05/2021Welch Hall (WH)12/31/2020
2021-01-081/07/2021  Central Plant (CP)1/03/2021 
2021-01-09 1/07/2021Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site 12/30/2020
2021-01-101/21/2021Science & Innovation (SI)1/20/2021
2021-01-111/29/2021Leo F. Cain Library (LIB NORTH)1/28/2021
2021-01-122/03/2021Innovation & Instruction (I&I) Construction Site1/28/2021 
2021-02-012/26/2021Welch Hall (WH) and University Housing2/22/2021
2021-03-013/30/2021ROTC & Parking Services Modular (RPM)3/22/2021

Please note when an ASI employee is informed there is a need for them to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure, they must immediately notify ASI Human Resources Administrator, Michellena Lakey at (310) 243-3026 or to report the case and seek assistance with information regarding their benefits and leave of absence qualification determination.

Please note when a Foundation employee is informed there is a need for them to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure, they must immediately notify the Foundation Human Resources Department at (310) 243-2372 or to report the case and seek assistance with information regarding their benefits and leave of absence qualification determination.

Please note when a LSU employee is informed there is a need for them to quarantine due to COVID-19 exposure, they must immediately notify the Loker Student Union at (310) 243-3854 or to report the case and seek assistance with information regarding their benefits and leave of absence qualification determination.

For general health & safety questions regarding COVID-19 contact

For general benefit questions contact

For general COVID-19 employee information please visit the COVID-19 Employee Information page.

As a general note please continue to follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines to protect your health and those around you:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing.
  • If soap and water are not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol (methanol-based alcohol should not be used). Cover all surfaces of your hands and rub them together until they feel dry.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Follow all recommendations provided by the CDC.
  • Remember to complete the Self-assessment screening tool on the iToro’s app before each trip to campus
Senate Bill 1159 (SB-1159) – Workers Compensation COVID-19 Critical Workers
Employers must:
  • Determine for the employee availability of all COVID-related pay and when such pay expires.
  • Report positive COVID-19 cases to the claims administrator within 3 business days.

Applies to all employees who tested positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of working on campus. Does not apply to employees performing work from home.

Assembly Bill 685 (AB-685) – COVID-19: Imminent Hazard to Employees: Exposure Notification
Employers must:
  • Provide written notice to all employees and contractors on the premises at the same worksite as the positive case within their infectious period, and within one business day of notice of the potential exposure.
  • Provide written notice to the exclusive representative (union) of the employees, if any.
  • Provide all employees who may have been exposed with information regarding COVID-19 related benefits to which the employee may be entitled under federal, state or local laws.
FAQ: AB685 and SB1159

1. What changes will I see?

Campus-wide emails communicating positive COVID-19 cases at specific locations on campus. The emails will include steps the campus is taking or has taken to address safety issues for employees, such as disinfection of work spaces.

On-campus employees who receive COVID-19 positive diagnosis will also receive comprehensive information on benefits available to them.

2. Will a campus notification be sent for every positive case?

No. The regulation only requires that the campus notice all employees and subcontractor employees who were in the same building as the COVID-19 positive case within the infectious period of the positive case.

3. What is the infectious period of a COVID-19 positive case?

The CDC defines the infectious period as “the period between 2 days prior to the onset of symptoms and 10 days after the onset of symptoms.”

4. Will the identity of a positive case be published to the campus?

No. Federal privacy laws prohibit unauthorized sharing of the medical information of any employee or student, including COVID-19 positive diagnosis. Other identifying information such as office number is also prohibited and will not be shared.

5. What should I do when I receive the campus notifications?

The campus e-mails are informational in nature, providing notice of an on-campus positive case within their infectious period and the campus location. Anyone directly impacted - such as someone who was in close contact with the positive case - as identified by the exposure investigation team, will be contacted directly. Departments whose spaces may need to be disinfected and cleaned will also be contacted directly.

6. Who is on the team that completes the exposure investigation?

Exposure investigation is done by the COVID Response Team which is comprised of the following areas: Environmental Health & Safety, Student Health Center, Human Resources and University Police.

7. What benefits are available to me if I receive an on-campus positive diagnosis for COVID-19?

Human Resources will provide comprehensive benefit information on a case-by-case basis to any affected employee.

8. Will my union representative be notified of my on-campus positive COVID-19 diagnosis?

Yes, this is a requirement of Assembly Bill 685. Medical information is only shared in compliance with federal privacy laws.

9. What should I do if I was in the same building as someone that tests positive for COVID-19?

Unless contacted directly by the exposure investigation team, there is nothing specific that you should do. The exposure investigation identifies individuals that had close contact with the positive case and contacts them directly with instructions.

10. Where can I find Benefits information on the campus website?

The HR COVID-19 page contains information on benefits available to faculty and staff. Contact information for Human Resources if there are any questions on the provided information, is provided on the page.

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