Background – CSUDH Dining

California State University, Dominguez Hills Foundation, who oversees our campus dining services, engaged in a campus hospitality assessment in December 2020. At the time, CSUDH Dining was entirely self-operated, meaning the campus managed the food service tenants, retail, and catering operations. The assessment found that that food cost was over budget and labor was higher than what the university could reasonably maintain.

Furthermore, with expanded student housing and dining needs, we could not continue the dining service model we had in place. Foundation was losing more than $1 million annually on dining services. As we moved forward, we knew we needed a strategic partner with flexible scalability.

Why Aramark?

In 2021, CSUDH Foundation began a request for proposals (RFP) process to evaluate bids from food service management companies that could support CSUDH’s immediate service needs and long term infrastructure growth.

In July 2022, after evaluating all bids, CSUDH entered into a contract with Aramark Corporation (Aramark).

Aramark’s proposal was chosen because it was the most thorough in responding to the unique needs of the institution. Further, Aramark provided the most competitive bid in costs and deliverables for the campus’s need for scalability for our recent and anticipated growth.

Campus Concerns 

Once the announcement was made to the campus, members of our community had an immediate reaction to the news based on negative press and reports. 
On October 3, the Associated Students Inc. (ASI) hosted a Town Hall to address the growing concerns and call to end the contract with Aramark. During that Town Hall, there was a request to provide the Request for Proposal (RFP) and the contract with Aramark, both of which are available below. 
Request for Proposal [PDF]
Aramark Core Contract [PDF]*
*Contract Riders - Some riders have not been included in the posted contract. CSUDH and Aramark, in accordance with our agreement, are reviewing the information within these riders. If information is deemed non-proprietary, the parties must release those portions. This review is expected to conclude by December 2, 2022, and will be posted here. 

The upcoming Conversations That Matter meeting will provide campus community members with the opportunity to discuss CSUDH’s contract with Aramark.

Giving Feedback

Dining is central to the student experience, and these services help to contribute to student learning and success.

CSUDH recognizes that there has been concern about the new dining services contract with Aramark. Aramark’s contract with Foundation includes key performance indicators (KPIs) that they must meet related to food quality, safe working conditions, student employment and engagement, and innovation in hospitality. Foundation is committed to ensuring these KPIs are met.

The primary venue for providing suggestions and feedback on Urban Mosaic Food Company’s dining program, food quality, and customer service is through their satisfaction survey here: (enter "Carson, CA" as the city in which you were served to bring up CSUDH Dining locations). 

Both Aramark and CSUDH Foundation staff review submissions daily.