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Connie Chang

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Connie Y. Chang is a critical race scholar whose research interest include campus racial climate, racial identity, diversity and inclusion, college admissions, and Asian American college students. She received her PhD from the Higher Education Organizational Change program at University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to teaching at Dominguez Hills, she worked in multicultural affairs, student affairs, and on federally funded research grants.

Selected Publications:

Blaney, J. M., Sax, L., & Chang, C. Y. (2019). Incentivizing longitudinal survey research: The impact of mixing guaranteed and non-guaranteed incentives on survey response. The Review of Higher Education, 43(2).

Chang, C. Y., Nguyen, M. H., Ramon, A.-C., & Sargent, A. (2018). In their own words: A qualitative understanding of campus racial climate among ethnic minority undergraduates at UCLA. Los Angeles, CA: University of California, Los Angeles.

Eagan, K., Winter, J. G., Ramirez, J. J., Lozano, J. B., Chang, C. Y., & Harris, D. (2016). Examining the climate for diversity at Azusa Pacific University. Los Angeles, CA: Higher Education Research Institute University of California, Los Angeles.


Chang, C. Y., Nguyen, M. H., Chang, M. J. (2019). Affirmative Action and Racial Identity: A Quantitative Study on the Effect of Asian Americans’ Racial Identity on Position Taking. Paper presentation at the Annual Association for the Study Higher Education Conference, Portland, OR.

Chang, C. Y., & Nguyen, M. H. (2018). Disrupting whiteness in higher education: Students of color experiences with racial campus climate. Paper presentation at the Annual Association for the Study Higher Education Conference, Tampa, FL.

Nguyen, M. H., Cobian, K. P., Chang, C. Y. (2018). Informing the next round of affirmative action Supreme Court cases: The impact of campus racial diversity on cross-racial interactions for Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) students. Roundtable presentation at the annual conference of the Association for the Study of Higher Education, Tampa, FL.

Chang, C. Y., & Chang, M.J. (2018). Asian Americans and affirmative action: A blind pursuit of whiteness. Presentation at the National Conference for Race & Ethnicity in America, New Orleans, LA.

Chang, C. Y. (2018). Finding a voice: A Chinese American choir countersite to orientalism. Paper presentation at the Association for Asian American Studies Annual Conference, San Francisco, CA.