Asian Pacific Studies

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Images representing Asian-Pacific cultures

Welcome to Asian Pacific Studies

The Asian-Pacific Studies Department offers an interdisciplinary major and minor in the study of Asian and Pacific Islander societies and cultures, emphasizing a transnational perspective. Students are provided with high-quality education that enhances their understanding of the Asian Pacific region and its transnational connections. Through an interdisciplinary curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, research, writing and presentation skills, the Asian Pacific Studies Department is committed to providing an education that prepares our students to excel in the contemporary multicultural and global world including:

  • Identifying the geographies and cultural areas of the Asian Pacific region
  • Explaining cultural traditions, histories and sociopolitical issues of the Asian Pacific region
  • Comparing the histories and sociocultural traditions of at least two different Asian Pacific countries
  • Describing the immigration histories and contemporary issues of Asian Americans
  • Outlining the processes of globalization and how it affects the lives of Asian Pacific populations including Asian Americans