World Wide Web Assignment

This assignment is a basic exercise is using the WWW. Unlike the other assignments, all you need to do is print this page or copy the assignment down. As you work through the assignment, the most effective way to provide evidence of the completion of a step is to print the web page. If your search has returned a very large web document, just print the first page.

Part One

  1. Identify three different internet search engines, excluding Yahoo!, go to their home pages and print the page. If everyone in the class turns in the same three search engines, I won't be a happy camper.
  2. Select any element.
  3. Using the search engines chosen above, find the total number of sites which "respond" to the search on your element.Tabulate the results (or print the first page of the search response).
  4. Select one of the three search engines which permits Boolean keys. Perform an advanced search which contains both "or" and "and" with your element as the first search term. Print the first page of the search response.
  5. From the Boolean search select a single web site. For the site provide the complete URL as well as a one or two sentence summary of the content of the web site.

Part Two

Find a chemistry related news story (must be in the print media within the last month). Select a topic from the news story. Using only Yahoo! find at least five sites with information related to your topic. For this section report:

  • The complete reference to the original news story.
  • The topic you selected from the news story and how it relates to the original story.
  • The complete URLs for the fives sites with an brief statement of the content found at each.