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What can you do with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry or Biochemistry?  These options are pretty common:

  • get a job in your field (chemist, biochemist, chemistry teacher, science teacher)
  • get a job in a different field (patent attorney, technology analyst, technical writer)
  • go to graduate school (professor, research manager, technical director)
  • go to professional school (doctor, dentist, pharmacist, etc)

Many chemistry and biochemistry majors find satisfying jobs in industry or K-12 teaching with their bachelor's degree. Others continue their education with graduate school to become research managers or professors, or professional school to become a healthcare professional. This page is designed to show a compilation of information on how to pursue professional and graduate degrees succesfully. Also, here you will find information on careers in chemistry, as well as links to relevant on-campus clubs.

Careers in Chemistry and Biochemistry

We encourage all of our Chemistry and Biochemistry majors (and minors) to become student members of the American Chemical Society.  American Chemical Society has many resources for undergraduates -- from networking opportunities, to virtual career panels, to continuing professional development opportunities -- as well as news in the chemicals sciences, access to InChemistry Magazine and ACS on Campus.  Learn more about what ACS offers undergraduates, and become an ACS Community Associate or a dues-paying Student Member of the American Chemical Society.

CSUDH Chemistry and Biochemistry Club

The CSUDH Chemistry and Biochemistry Club mission is to expand the perception and appreciation of Chemistry & Biochemistry. The club serves as a valuable medium for information, opportunities, and networking that would assist the academic and professional career goals of students and faculty. This club welcomes all CSUDH students, faculty, and alumni who are interested in Chemistry & Biochemistry. Learn more and join the CSUDH Chemistry and Biochemistry Club via Torolink.

Graduate School

Graduate school is a continuation of studies in your chemistry or biochemistry field with concentration in a subspecialty of physical, organic, analytical, inorganic, or biochemical branches of chemistry. Most graduate studies involve advanced courses and intense research that lead to unique and novel discoveries. Graduate school is the route to take for people who want careers as college professors or research professionals. Most STEM graduate students are paid a stipend for serving as teaching or research assistants, and have their tuition waived. If you are interested in going to graduate school, be sure to get some research experience while you are an undergraduate, and be sure to talk to your major advisor about your intentions so they can guide you through the qualification and application processes.
For mor information about...

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Professional School

Professional School trains a person to become a medical doctor, physician's assistant, dentist, veterinarian, optometrist, or pharmacist. Because the professional school admissions aptitude tests involve so much science, most pre-professional undergraduates are STEM majors. Professional school involves 2-8 years of training beyond the bachelor's degree, yet there are some things you need to do as an undergraduate to make sure your are ready to follow that path: excel in chemistry and biology coursework, get hands-on experience as a volunteer in a clinical environment, enjoy learning about anatomy and physiology, be a good listener, and be an effective communicator. Unlike Graduate School, Professional School does not pay you to be a student.  The links below will help you explore the professions. For best outcomes, be sure to join the CSUDH Pre-Health Society and regularly meet with the pre-health advisors throughout your undergraduate years.

CSUDH Pre-Health Society

The Pre-Health Society is a student-run organization at CSUDH committed to providing exceptional educational support and volunteer opportunities for the campus pre-health community. To learn more about the Pre-Health Society, visit the organization Torolink.


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