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This page is designed to show a compilation of information on how to pursue professional and graduate degrees succesfully. Also, here you will find information on careers in chemistry.

Pre-Health Society

The Pre-Health Society is a student-run organization at CSUDH committed to providing exceptional educational support and volunteer opportunities for the campus pre-health community.

For more information on the PreHealth Society you may contact the advisors, Dr. Patrick Still (, or Dr. Tom Landefeld ( Click here for PRE HEALTH SOCIETY information.


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Graduate School in Chemistry (Ph.D. or M.S.)

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Graduate School in Biochemistry (Ph.D. or M.S.)

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The American Chemical Society maintains a website devoted to career planning: What do Chemists do?

Also,search, look, find, and check out career options at:

The following is a list of articles of interest from the American Chemical Society and other sources in the internet to plan your job career:

  1. "Internships - Worthwhile Adventures" - Emphasizes the advantages of doing a summer internship for chemists interested in business careers.
  2. "Your Foot in the Door" The Basics of Resume Preparation - Describes content and writing two types of resumes: chronological and the functional resume.
  3. "How to Write Effective Cover  Letters" - Describes purpose, structure, writing style, and presentation for cover letters.
  4. "Its Showtime" - Provides information on resumes, cover letters, finding potential employers, interviewing (including ten frequently asked interview questions), and useful resources. 
  5. "How to Survive an Thrive in these Turbulent Times" - Discusses the changing paradigm for employment with emphasis on: the effects of globalization, the new required skills and expectations of the work force, and the need to be flexible and to be able to adapt to changes. 
  6. "Recruiters Seek Diverse Skills" - A brief listing of skills recruiters are looking for in the modern chemist. 
  7. "The Recruiter's Agenda" - Includes: personal traits that contribute to the professional productivity and advancement of a scientist, how interviewers measure these personal traits, importance of a good resume, the initial interview with a recruiter (with tips on how candidates disqualify themselves), and how to handle on-site interviews. 
  8. "Compensation is More than Salary" - discusses fringe benefits in some detail. 
  9. "Launching Your Industrial Chemistry Career" - Describes the major differences between being employed in industry and being an undergraduate or graduate student. Provides suggestions for making a successful transition between the two.