Chemistry & Biochemistry Scholarship Opportunities

The Catalyst Fund


The purpose of The Catalyst Fund is to support students who are research volunteers/investigators that are not receiving funding from other sources for their projects. Faculty members can utilize allowances to grant undergraduate students who are conducting research to purchase materials, including but not limited to chemicals, supplies, computer software related to research, and conference expenses. They may also use the funds to pay student’s registration to present at scientific conferences.

Faculty may use up to $300 per student, per year with a maximum allowance of $1,200 annually.

Interested faculty may apply for funding by submitting a short paragraph with a brief summary of their research and the request for funding at the beginning of the academic year.  Faculty would also provide documentations such as a quote or registration information, and the names(s) of the student(s) in their research group. Selection of recipients will be managed by a committee comprised of faculty members from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department.

Faculty to submit material to the Current Department Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry at


Scholarship Opportunities (Fall 2019)


  • The Chemistry Angel Scholarship


Provides $2000 per student per academic year. This year two students will be awarded.


The due date is June 1st, 2019. Further information can be found at:


  • The Chemistry and Biochemistry Scholarship


Provides $2500 scholarship to one student per academic year (One Time Only).


The due date is June 1st, 2019. Further information can be found at: