PREP 202 Workshops

P.R.E.P. 202

Prepare, Register, Empower, and Plan


Prepare, Register, Empower, and Plan (PREP) 202 is a comprehensive programs that support  sophomores, respectively, as they transition and acclimate to the College of Health, Human Services, and Nursing. The intervention is designed to provide students with the tools, resources and guidance needed to overcome academic barriers.

Workshops are designed to:

  • Facilitate introductions between students and their designated major advisor and department. Discuss any pertinent updates and important information related to their chosen major.
  • Familiarize students with the various means of contacting their advisor, including scheduling appointments, sending emails, and making phone calls.
  • Create a platform for students to explore and become acquainted with the General Education and overarching graduation requirements through their Academic Requirements Report.
  • Foster a connection between each student and their Retention Specialist to provide ongoing guidance and support.
  • Enable students to expand their social network and increase support within the CSUDH community by engaging with peers in settings beyond the classroom environment.
  • Inform students about the diverse range of campus resources and policies available to enhance their success at CSUDH.
  • Partner with Peer Interns to assist students in navigating the MyCSUDH Student Portal and provide guidance and support during the course registration process.